DIY Pest Control Product Spotlight: Rat Attractant

Have you noticed signs of rats in your house? Do you want to deal with the problem before it becomes a serious infestation? For serious infestations, we would usually advise customers against DIY pest control. Though in some cases it can work. Here’s the next in our series on DIY pest control products.

Need to get rid of rats from your house?

Should I try DIY pest control?

There’s no harm in trying DIY pest control for rats if you’ve only seen the odd one and there are no other signs of infestation like:

Footprints: If rats have scurried through a dusty place you’ll able to spot footprints or tracks.

Gnaw marks: Rats love to chew on everything from cardboard boxes to cables, and even metal!

Marks on walls: Rats have greasy fur, so if they’ve brushed against walls, you should be able to see dirty marks.

Hearing scratching sounds: If you hear scratching sounds in your walls or loft, especially at night, you could have a rat problem in your house.

A pungent smell: Rat urine has a very sharp, distinct smell which you’ll definitely notice if you have an infestation.

Rat droppings: Rat droppings are dark brown and shaped like a grain of rice.

What DIY pest control product should I use to get rid of rats from my house?

We have a range of products you can use at home to tackle a rat problem, from toxic baits to traps. If you’re using traps, one product you might also consider is our Rat Attractant.

How does rat attractant work?

Before you Google ‘what attracts rats to a trap?,’ wait a minute. Put down the jar of peanut butter and forget about making a mess. Rat attractant is a clean and effective way to attract rats to a trap. It works by using the rat’s keen sense of smell and taste to lure it to the trap. The lures are scented with things rats are highly attracted to like vanilla, fish, meat, mango, and chocolate. What’s even better is that the lures can work for up to 3 months, depending on where they are placed.

Unlike other things you might use as bait, the lures won’t go mouldy or be infested by insects which can cause further pest issues in your home.

Is rat attractant toxic?

No, Rat Attractant is completely non-toxic and allergen-free.

Want to get rid of rats in your house?

Rat attractant can be very effective when you’re dealing with the odd rat. However, if you are still seeing signs of infestation after capturing the rat in question (which might be one of many), call in the professionals.

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