How to Pest-Proof Outbuildings.

More people are working from home and many have invested in garden buildings to double as offices. Then there are the summer houses and your standard garden sheds. While they give us precious extra space, outbuildings are an extra dwelling place for pests too.

How to pest-proof outbuildings

You need to pest-proof your outbuildings because they are vulnerable to pests invasions all year round. This is especially true in autumn and winter when pests like rodents and spiders head indoors looking for somewhere warm to shelter and breed. Here’s how to make your outbuildings less attractive and accessible to pests. 

Keep it clean and free from clutter

If your shed is full of boxes of junk and your garden office contains remnants of half-eaten sandwiches and mouldy coffee cups, you need to clean and clear it, pronto. Pests are always on the lookout for a food source and a place to hide out, so keep it clean and clear away clutter regularly. 

Banish cardboard boxes

Yes, cardboard boxes are handy, but pests love hiding out in them. Rodents often use them to make nests. If you need storage for your stuff, invest in some plastic containers you can seal up instead. 

Check for possible entry points 

This is an important part of pest-proofing your outbuilding. Seal up any gaps, cracks, or crevices where pests could be getting in. Check from floor to roof. Remember that pests like mice can get through the tiniest of gaps. Fixing leaky pipes and removing any sources of standing water is a good idea too, as it attracts rodents and insects. 

Inspect your outbuilding for signs of pest activity 

The earlier you spot a pest problem, the better. So get into the habit of checking your outbuilding regularly for signs of pest activity. Check any dark, undisturbed corners for urine, droppings, or nest materials. Check cardboard boxes for gnaw marks. If in doubt, get professional advice. It won’t be long before pests make the journey from your outbuilding to your home. 

Pest-proof the exterior 

Garden clutter can attract pests into your outbuilding and home. Don’t leave piles of wood, rubble, or other clutter lying around your garden as these make great hiding places for rodents and other pests. 

Already have a pest issue in your outbuilding?

Spotted a mouse while your were working away in your garden office? Has your potting shed become overrun by spiders? Even if you pest-proof your outbuildings, sometimes pests can still find their way in. The only way to reclaim your space and your peace of mind before things get out of hand is to call the professionals. Contego will identify the problem, recommend a solution, and carry out the most effective treatment for your situation. Make 2022 the year of keeping pests out! 

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