Urban Myth: My Partner Doesn’t Have Bites So We Can’t Have Bed Bugs.

Have you woken up cover in bites but your partner has escaped your fate? Don’t be tempted to think you don’t have bed bugs because they haven’t bitten your other half. The truth is that bed bugs, like mosquitoes, are more attracted to some people than others and some people just don’t react to bed bug bites at all. 

No two people react the same to bed bug bites

When someone gets bitten by a bed bug, they might have an immediate reaction. Swelling, itching pain, a red mark, and a whole lot of discomfort. Someone else might get bitten and have little to no reaction at all. It all comes down to your immune response. Some people’s immune response is stronger than others. So in your case, your partner could well be getting bitten, but they might have a totally different response to you. 

Why bed bugs are more attracted to some people than others 

Blood type: surprisingly, bed bugs do tend to have preferences for certain blood types. If they hatched and started feeding on a particular type of blood, they’ll usually have a preference for it. 

Heat: if you tend to run warmer than your partner, bed bugs might be more attracted to you.

Chemical scents on your skin: bed bugs might just like the natural scents on your skin more than your partner’s. Lucky you!

Have you spotted other signs of bed bug infestation? 

Rather than relying on trying to work out whether you have bed bugs from the bites on your arm or leg, rely on the other signs you might see. 

Are there any other signs of bed bugs in your home like:

  • Dark stains on your mattress or bedding from bed bug faeces?
  • An unpleasant sweet scent? This is from chemical signals that bed bugs give off. If you can smell an unusual scent like this, it can be a sign of an established infestation;
  • Live bed bugs? Bed bugs are only 4-5mm long and can be hard to spot, though not impossible. You might see shed skins too. 

Got signs of bed bugs in your home?

Call in the professionals. Bed bugs are experts at hiding out and they are not always easy to spot. They hide out in the tiniest of nooks and crannies through the day, so you can have a big problem on your hands without even knowing it. Although bites can be an indicator of bed bugs, they aren’t a sure-fire way of identifying an infestation in your home. For peace of mind and to get your pest problems dealt with sooner rather than later, call Contego. 

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