Have Winter Storms Driven Pests Into Your Home?

The recent winter storms that battered the UK caused a lot of damage. From fallen trees to damaged roofs and power lines, they can take a lot of clearing up. But there’s one thing you might not have thought about. Could the storms have driven pests into your home and is it time to get a pest inspection?

How Do Pests Get into Your Home After a Storm?

Just like us, pests don’t like cold, wet weather, so they’ll look for warmth and shelter. Here are some common ways you can end up with pests in your home after a storm. 

Overwhelmed drains 

Heavy rainfall can cause flooding, especially when drainage systems are overwhelmed. Rising water levels in sewers can drive rats up into the drains around your home. That broken drain cover or pipe you’ve been meaning to get sorted for ages can be a weak point where rats can gain access to your property. 

At Contego, we do drain surveys where we use a camera to identify and repair any problems that are giving rodents access to your home. Solving the problem at the source means we reduce the risk of a rodent problem happening again. 

Damaged roofs and broken windows 

Tree branches can damage roof tiles and break windows, creating possible access points for pests. Air vents and pipes can get damaged, leaving gaps for opportunist pests to get into your home. 

Time for a Home Pest Inspection?

You’ve given your home a once over after a storm. You’ve noticed damaged roof tiles here and there. But have you noticed any signs of pests in your home? The autumn and winter is already a risky time as pests look for warmth, food, and shelter. If you’ve noticed signs of pest activity like noises in the walls at night, visible droppings, or gnaw marks on boxes or food packaging, get a pest inspection. 

Contego’s expert pest control technicians have the training and equipment to survey the parts of your home you might not even think about, like lofts and crawlspaces. We understand pest behaviour and we know where they like to hide out and how fast they breed. Any existing infestation can be quickly and safely treated. As part of our survey, we’ll also look at potential pest entry points and make recommendations on how you can proof your home against future pest infestations. 

Worried that you’re sharing your home with some unwanted guests after the winter storms we’ve had? Call Contego to help get rid of pests and restore your peace of mind. 

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