Pest Control Treatment Spotlight: K9 Detection

The world has opened up for travel again and that’s great news if you run a hotel or guest house. The not so great news is that more guests can mean there’s more chance of a bed bug infestation. With bed bugs, you need to detect them early and get rid of them fast. This is where K9 detection comes in 

What is K9 detection for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, they’re great at hiding, and they breed fast. But they are no match for man’s best friend. Dogs have super sensitive noses and they can sniff out the scent of bed bugs, their eggs, and droppings. 

How does K9 detection work?

Our bed bug dogs are highly trained to sniff out bed bug scent. The dog handler will guide it around the room, allowing it to detect a potential infestation. The dog will indicate when it has picked up on the scent, then the technician will visually inspect the location to confirm the presence of bed bug activity. 

The benefits of using K9 detection for bed bugs

If you have a lot of rooms to check, K9 detection is the perfect solution. A bed bug dog can sniff out bed bugs with amazing accuracy in a fraction of the time that it might take a human technician to detect them. This means if there is an infestation present, you can treat it sooner. 

An added benefit of using bed bug dogs is that because they can determine the rooms they are present in, you can avoid treating areas unnecessarily. 

Need expert help with bed bugs?

Contego’s highly trained technicians have successfully carried out bed bug treatments at countless hotels and other hospitality locations across the UK. We’ll carry out a detailed survey of your premises and recommend the most effective way to eradicate your bed bug problem. 

We understand that gut wrenching feeling of finding out that you have bed bugs on your property and we’ll help you resolve the issue quickly and safely.

If there are bed bugs on your premises, don’t waste time with DIY treatments that might not work. Protect your business, your customers, and your reputation by calling in the professionals as soon as possible.

When it comes to bed bug treatments for your hospitality premises, there are several effective treatments available. K9 detection is just one of the weapons we have in the fight against bed bugs. It’s ideal for both reactive service or as part of a preventative maintenance plan, and the best option if you need to check a lot of rooms quickly.  

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