Protect Your Farm From Pests

Your farm is your livelihood and it plays an important role in keeping people fed. That’s why it’s so important to take action to prevent pests on your land. Here’s how to protect your farm from pests. 

Why Protect Your Farm from Pests?

Pests like rats and mice carry diseases and they can also contaminate animal feed with their urine and droppings. Not only that, they scare livestock and damage building structures by chewing through wires, wood, pipes, and cables. They also breed fast, which means a few rodents on your land can fast become a serious infestation. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

When it comes to controlling pests on your farm, prevention is way better than cure. The main thing you can do is to make your land less attractive to pests. That means removing food and water sources, and proofing your outbuildings. 

Top Tips to Protect Your Farm from Pests 

  • Keep animal feed in secure containers so pests can’t get access. If you have pets, make sure their food is not left lying around as this is attractive to pests. 
  • Make sure all waste is secured in bin bags and put in the bin. Make sure your bin lids are secure and don’t leave rubbish bags next to bins. Rodents love rooting through these for food and nesting materials. 
  • Keep yards and areas around outbuildings tidy. Sweep away any spilled debris, animal feed, or straw that pests could feast on. 
  • Cut back vegetation and hedges as these make good nesting sites for rodents. 
  • Cover drains and seal off unused pipes to stop rats getting access to your farmhouse or outbuildings. 
  • Check your buildings for potential access points. This includes gaps around windows and doors, gaps around pipes and cables, or under eaves. Fill them in with wire wool and quick drying cement. Remember that rodents can get in through the smallest of gaps. 

Seen Signs of Pests on Your Farm?

Have you seen the tell-tale signs of pests on your farmland like droppings around bins or storage areas? How about gnaw marks on packaging or wiring? Even footprints in dusty areas? Call in professional pest control.

Contego can help you deal with a pest problem safely and quickly without any negative impact on your livestock or other wildlife. 

Don’t leave your pest control arrangements to chance. Protect your livelihood, crops, buildings, and equipment from preventable damage. 

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