Why Do Foxes Make Those Awful Screaming Noises?

Have you ever heard an awful screaming sound in the dead of night? You jump out of bed and rush to the window, but all you can see are a couple of foxes. Yes, the foxes were the culprits. So why do they make those awful screaming noises?

So Foxes Actually Scream?

Foxes are mostly nocturnal, so you’ll see (and hear) them mostly at night. A scream is the most common sound you’ll hear from them. When foxes scream, it can be alarming as it sounds like a human scream. So why do they scream?

Why do Foxes Scream?

There are a number of reasons why foxes scream;

It’s How they Communicate

Foxes are often solitary animals, however when they want to communicate with or locate a member of their family, letting out a scream is one of the ways they’ll do it.

They’re Mating

Foxes scream as part of their mating rituals. Male and female foxes scream to attract a mate. A female fox will scream during the actual act of mating itself.

They’re Marking Their Territory

Male foxes scream to mark their territory and warn off potential competitors for mates. It’s also a tool they use to scare off predators and protect their young. If you are innocently walking by and a fox starts screaming at you, it might mean that you’re too close to their den and cubs.

Foxes Scream When They Are Afraid

Foxes scream when they fear for their safety, such as when there’s a predator close by. Fox predators in the UK include owls and weirdly, other foxes who can resort to cannibalism when they are starving.

Screaming is a Completely Normal Fox Sound

It can be unnerving to hear a fox screaming at night, but it’s a completely normal sound. They are not distressed or in pain, they might have just found a mate!

Need Help Getting Rid of Foxes?

Feeling unsettled when you hear a fox screaming at night is one thing. However, them becoming pests around your home or business is another. In numbers, foxes can be a real nuisance for homeowners and business owners. Since foxes are protected by law, you can’t take matters into your own hands. If you do, you can end up in legal hot water or cause suffering to a fox or another animal that got in the way.

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