How to Get Rid of Moths in Your Home

Warmer evenings are coming and that means leaving your windows open and the inevitable presence of moths in your home. While they’re an annoyance when they are fluttering around your lights, a moth infestation can be much more than an annoyance. These seemingly harmless creatures can actually do a lot of damage to your clothing, carpets, upholstery, and stored food products if an infestation is left unchecked.

Here’s how to get rid of moths from your home.

How do they get in?

Moths tend to get in your home through an open door or window on those warm evenings, or they can unknowingly be brought in on infested food products, plants, fabric, or clothing.

The most common species of moth you’ll find inside of your home are clothes moths, carpet moths, and stored product moths. Clothes moths are attracted to clothing and upholstery, especially if it’s made of materials that are derived from animals. Carpet moths are attracted to carpets made from natural fibres like wool, silk, or cotton, and stored product moths like to feed on dry goods such as grains and flour.

Breeding cycles

The life cycle of the moth tends to be quite short. Depending on the species, they may live for between 30 and 90 days, but in that time, they can lay up to 300 eggs. They mature and develop fast, and they are very capable of causing a fair amount of destruction in your home.

Problems associated with moths being in the home

If you end up with a large infestation in your home, this can equate to a lot of damage. Clothes moths will leave behind holes in your favourite sweaters and delicates, as well as leaving stains on them from their faeces. Carpet moths will leave bits of your carpets looking threadbare, and you might need to throw large amounts of food away if stored product moths have contaminated it with their webbing, cocoons, and droppings.

If you think you have an infestation, you need to act fast to minimise the damage in your home.

Do I really need to get rid of moths?

Okay, so you see a moth, or maybe a few moths fluttering around in your home. You might consider:

A) Googling how to get rid of them and buying some DIY products.

B) Contacting a pest control company to tackle the problem for you.

C) Hoping that those few moths won’t become a problem and doing nothing.

Forget about option C. Moths breed fast, and if they get a taste for your clothes and carpets, or they end up inside of stored food, you have a problem. That one moth that’s been annoying you for days could lay 300 eggs in its lifetime. Is doing nothing a chance you really want to take?


The DIY route

Try our fast-acting non-toxic insect spray. It’s made from all natural organic ingredients and it’s the perfect choice if you want to get rid of moths for good without having to use pesticides in your home.

The professional route

Of course, the most effective way to bring a moth infestation under control is to hire a professional pest control company. We can get rid of moths from your home and stop them from coming back.

What you can expect from us:

We’ll identify the type of moth that’s causing a problem in your home, recommend and carry out the best treatment for your situation, and advise you on how to prevent further infestations.

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