Celebrating World Pest Day and The Important Role Pest Control Plays in Protecting Us From Pest Threats

It’s World Pest Day today (6th June) and it’s a chance to raise awareness of the important role the pest control industry plays in protecting our health, our property, and the environment from pest threats.

Why are Certain Animals and Insects Classed as Pests?

Animals or insects we class as pests are those that are harmful to us or to animals and ecosystems. For example, pigeons and seagulls living in urban areas are messy, noisy, and they carry diseases. Clothes moths and carpet beetles can damage our property. Bed bugs and fleas can cause skin irritation and discomfort for us and our pets. Some of these might be small pests but they pose big threats.

How Does the Pest Control Industry Protect Us from Pest Threats?

World Pest Day is all about raising awareness of the importance of using professional pest control to help you manage pests at home or in your business.

Professional pest control services don’t just get rid of pests, they help protect your health, safety, and property, all while minimising harm to the environment.

Here are the main ways that professional pest control protects you from pest threats:

It Protects Your Health

Pests aren’t just a nuisance, they can be a serious risk to health. Professional pest control services and treatments help;

Reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses

The food standards agency estimates that there are around 180 deaths per year in the UK from foodborne illnesses. That might not seem high given that there are around 2.4 million cases of illness, but it does show that some pathogens can cause severe illness in some people.

Pests like rats, cockroaches, and flies carry pathogens like salmonella which can cause serious illness that can affect homes as well as food manufacturing and service businesses. A professional pest management plan can reduce the risk of food contamination and a serious public health problem.

Prevent the spread of potentially fatal pathogens

It’s not just food that pests can contaminate. Pigeon and gull droppings contain some nasty diseases like Hantavirus which can spread through the air once the droppings dry out and turn to dust. Once they are breathed in, they can cause disease. Imagine this dust getting into a hospital or care home through vents. Professional pest control and environmental cleaning can help you keep your premises safe and hygienic.

Protect your property from damage

Rats and mice can chew through just about anything. If they decide to gnaw through wires, it’s putting your home or business premises at risk from electrical fires. Seagull droppings are acidic and over time, they can corrode buildings and vehicles. Debris from birds’ nests can block guttering and cause damp, leaks, and flooding.

If you’re telling yourself that pest control is expensive, know that it’s far cheaper than the repairs you’ll have to pay out for if you don’t control pests.

Prevent the spread of viruses and decontaminate your premises

The pandemic made us all extra cautious about sanitising our hands, workspaces, and anything else we touched on a regular basis. At Contego, we offer treatments like fogging, where we spray a fine antibacterial mist over surfaces and equipment to prevent and eliminate viruses like the norovirus and coronavirus. The mist gets into all those hard to reach areas you might have missed and it gives you peace of mind that your building is safe and clean.

Protect the environment while eliminating pest threats

This World Pest Day, we shouldn’t forget to mention how pest control can actually benefit the environment. Gone are the days when controlling pests was all about putting down some harsh chemicals with the aim of killing everything in their path.

Now, professional pest control is all about environmentally-friendly practices and avoiding harming any non-target species. Humane pest control methods are used wherever possible, and pest management plans are strongly focused on pest proofing and deterrents.

Contego: Protecting, Shielding, and Defending You from Pest Threats

We don’t just come in and get rid of pests. One of our main roles as a pest control provider is to educate you about pest control. We are always happy to answer questions and dispel those myths that stress you out or put you off from calling in professional pest control when you need it.

Keep your home safe and pest-free this World Pest Day, and every day.

Call Contego.

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