Constructionline Accreditation: What it Means for Us and Our Customers

We do a lot of pest control work on and around construction sites. We know that construction companies have to abide by stringent health and safety rules and project completion deadlines. If a pest problem holds up a project, it can cost construction firms dearly. That’s why they need a pest control supplier they can trust. Contego has been accredited by Constructionline, an accreditation scheme where construction firms can find suppliers with exactly the right credentials for their projects.

Why Work with a Constructionline Accredited Company?

The last few years in particular have been tough for the construction industry. Staff shortages, material shortages, and increased costs have made it even more important that firms find the right suppliers to help them deliver their projects. Construction firms need to know that suppliers will work safely, efficiently, and to a high standard on their sites.

To be accredited by Constructionline, credentials from our insurances to our environmental and health and safety practices and policies needed to meet their high standard. Now we are listed on the platform, construction firms can trust that we are a high-quality supplier.

The Benefits of Our Constructionline Accreditation for Our Clients

They’ll Know We Meet PAS91 Criteria

PAS stands for ‘Publicly Available Specification’ and PAS91 is a pre-qualification questionnaire that contains a set of standardised questions. The answers to these questions help clients determine whether we are suitable suppliers for their project. The questions focus on compliance across several areas of risk management including;

C1 Supplier Identity

C2 Financial information

C3 Business & Professional Standing

C4 Health & Safety

O1 Equal Opportunity & Diversity

O2 Environmental Management

O3 Quality Management

O4 Building Information Modelling (BIM)

They Can Trust That We Deliver High-Quality Pest Control Services

Our Constructionline accreditation proves that we deliver high-quality pest control services that not only meet their needs but protect their safety record and reputation.

They Know That We Have High Health and Safety Standards

Construction firms need to provide a safe site for everyone who’s working on it, so it’s important they choose a supplier who can work safely as well as abiding by high health and safety standards and best practice. Constructionline accreditation is given to suppliers who

They Can Trust That Our Values Match Theirs

Whether construction companies are looking for a supplier with strong environmental credentials or a stellar health and safety record, they can check that our values match theirs before they decide whether they want to work with us.

Accreditation Makes Us the Pest Control Provider That Clients Can Trust

Accreditation by organisations like Constructionline allows construction forms to search for high-quality service providers that meet their needs, whatever the project they need to deliver.

Like any decision that’s made during a construction project, making a mistake and selecting the wrong supplier can be costly. The Constructionline platform makes it so much easier for construction companies to search for great suppliers. They can also check their credentials against a wide range of criteria and get peace of mind that engaging their services is money well spent.

To find out more about our accreditations, click here.

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