Can you spot the tell-tale signs of fox damage?

It’s common to see foxes in urban areas and you might have even seen the odd one in your garden. They’re quite elusive and tend to give humans a wide berth. But what happens when that not so fantastic Mr or Mrs Fox becomes a nuisance? Here are the tell-tale signs of fox damage.

Damage to Lawns and Unexplained Holes in Your Garden

Foxes dig holes in the ground for a number of reasons. They might want to dig out a den, or sometimes they’re digging to find worms or grubs to eat. Just like squirrels, they often bury food for later too. Either way, it can play havoc with your lawn and vegetable patches.

Your Vegetables and Plants Are Going Missing

Foxes are omnivores which means they pretty much eat anything. That includes the plants and vegetables from your garden. If they are suddenly going missing, this can be a tell-tale sign of fox damage.

Outdoor Wires and Cables are Damaged

Fox cubs and adolescents love to chew on things as they practise how to hunt and strengthen their teeth. If foxes are getting in your garden, you might notice damage to wires and cables such as garden lighting wiring.

There’s Faeces Everywhere

It’s not a nice thought, but one of the ways that foxes mark their territory is with their faeces. So if your garden gets frequent visits from foxes, there’s likely to be clear evidence of faeces everywhere.

Your Pets Have Been Injured, Killed, or they’ve Gone Missing

Foxes are scavengers and they are predators who will kill small animals like rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and even kittens given the chance. If your pets are being injured, killed or they’ve gone missing, a fox could be to blame. Especially if you keep the pets outside.

If you keep pets such as rabbits outside, make sure they are protected with galvanised weld mesh or electrified fencing. Be aware that using materials like chicken wire is unlikely to be effective as it’s designed to keep chickens in, not keep other animals out.

There’s Rubbish All Over Your Garden

Because foxes are scavengers, they aren’t averse to rummaging in your bins and ripping open any loose bin bags to find food. Don’t over fill your bins, keep them securely closed, and don’t leave bin bags lying around.

How To Prevent Fox Damage in Your Garden

Have you spotted all or some of these signs of fox damage in your garden? Here are some things you can do;

• Inspect your garden and seal any points where foxes might be getting in. Remember to check sheds and under decking;

• Cover any water sources where thirsty foxes might go to drink;

• Don’t leave pet food lying around outside;

• If you want to feed other animals like birds, buy a proper feeder and hang it up high;

• If you use fertilisers on your garden, avoid those containing blood, fish, or bonemeal, which can attract foxes.

Got a Problem with Foxes?

If the tell-tale signs of a fox infestation are all there, but you haven’t actually seen one, it’s worth calling in professional pest control. They can survey your property and confirm whether what you’ve seen is fox damage.

Foxes are protected by law, so you can’t legally deal with the problem on your own. When it comes to getting rid of pests like foxes, you can trust Contego. We have the experience and know-how to deal with wildlife legally and humanely.

We can offer targeted and effective solutions for everything from a pest nuisance to a population that’s causing widespread damage.

Want to protect your property and stay on the right side of the law?

Call Contego.

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