Are Foxes a Threat to Pets?

As foxes increasingly make urban areas their home, they don’t just come into contact with us. They come into contact with our pets as well. Foxes are predators, and if you own animals that you keep outside like chickens or rabbits, you probably already know the risks. But are foxes a threat to other pets as well?

Which Pets Are At Risk from Foxes?

Dogs: Foxes aren’t much of a threat to dogs, though they could harm very small dogs or puppies.

Cats: Foxes tend to leave cats alone because cats have a lot of defensive tactics at their disposal, namely their claws and the hissing sound they make when they are threatened.Foxes might chase a cat but that’s about as far as they’ll go.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small outdoor mammals: Foxes can be a threat to these types of animals if they live in insecure hutches. Make sure that hutches, runs, and cages are raised off the ground and proofed against foxes. Bear in mind that foxes will also try to tunnel their way under a hutch to gain access, so check regularly for signs of this.

Ducks, chickens, and other birds: Whether your pet birds are kept in cages or they are roaming free, foxes are a threat to them if you don’t take steps to keep the area they live in secure. If foxes spot ducks or chickens, they’ll come to your land or garden regularly, keep coming back, and try to kill a bird or several birds. If your birds roam free, keep an eye on them and always give them somewhere to hide from foxes and other predators. Secure and fox-proof any enclosures and check fencing and structures regularly.

Pets Are at Risk from Fox Diseases

Another way that foxes can be a threat to pets is that they spread diseases and parasites. Foxes carry fleas and diseases like rabies, as well as parasites like roundworm in their faeces, which can make your pets very ill.

If you suspect that a fox has got near any of your pets, take them to the vet. The same applies if they’ve got into a fight with a fox or they’ve suffered any kind of harm.

How Can You Keep Your Pets Safe from Foxes?

Foxes can be a real nuisance for homeowners and business owners. Not only are you and your property at risk, your beloved pets and any animals that live on your land are too.

Foxes are protected by law so you shouldn’t try to tackle the problem yourself. If you want to protect your pets and your property, call in a professional pest control company that’s experienced in wildlife management.

When it comes to nuisance foxes, we have the experience and know-how to deal with them. We offer targeted and effective solutions to control foxes from trapping to fox-proofing, repellents, and as a last resort, shooting.

Want to protect your property and your pets?

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