Becoming a Contego Hero

Here at Contego, we’re bursting at the seams with Heroes. But what does it take to become a Contego Hero? Well, only one thing really – you work at Contego. Contego Hero is the moniker we affectionately give to every member of the Contego team. However, we believe there are attributes and attitudes required to become part of the team, and they are what truly make a Contego Hero.  

It’s a mindset thing… 

Being a Contego Hero is all about your mindset. It’s about putting the effort in, for the client, the company, and yourself. It’s about supporting the people around you and being supported in turn. It’s about challenging perceptions, and always striving to better yourself, and Contego as a result. If you can do that, you’re a Contego Hero…   

Giving 100% 

At Contego, hard work will always be rewarded, and that means putting 100% into everything you do. However, it means something a bit more specific to us too. 

Pest Control is an industry where standards are important. One small thing missed for us could mean potential hazards in the environment, or for the customer, so all our technicians are trained to carry out 100% of the steps of a process, 100% of the time. This avoids any safety concerns but also gives the customer the best possible experience every time, and that’s what being a Contego hero is all about.   

Challenge 100% 

Challenges to the status quo are where the best ideas come from, and that’s why at Contego we believe in challenge 100%. In short, that means that no matter your position in the business, any ideas you have that could help Contego be better will be given full credence.  

It’s very easy to get stuck in ways that are comfortable. A method may work, but a fresh perspective on the method may help it work even better. This is why we actively encourage every member of our Contego team to challenge the norm if they believe there is a better way of doing things. That way, we grow together.  

Contego, assemble… 

As the threat of Thanos taught us all, all the best heroes are even better as part of a team. There’s a reason the Avengers and The Justice League are so effective. Well, there are no interplanetary threats here at Contego, but we certainly believe in the mantra of “teamwork makes the dream work”. Every member of the Contego Team makes every other member that bit better. 

Working together, we can achieve so much more. As the business grows, so do our opportunities to grow together stronger.  

Become a Contego Hero! 

Like the sound of all this. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Contego Hero. Well then check out our vacancies page. We’re a growing team, and new positions are popping up all the time, so get in touch! Maybe you’re the next Contego Hero! 

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