How to Remove a Wasp’s Nest

It’s pretty normal to see wasps buzzing around your garden in the summer. But what if you see an unusual number of them and they all seem to be heading for the same spot? Then you discover it, the wasp’s nest. Should you try and remove it yourself?

What’s Our Advice?

We would strongly advise you not to try and remove a wasp’s nest yourself. Wasps are very aggressive and territorial and if they feel threatened, they won’t hesitate to sting you. Their sting gives off chemical pheromones that alert other wasps to the threat and they might come and attack you too.

But It Says Online That I Can Remove a Wasp’s Nest Myself

There are loads of articles online about DIY wasp’s nest removal. But just because they say you can remove nests on your own, it doesn’t mean that you should. Let’s look at some of the methods these articles suggest.

Burning a Wasp’s Nest

Wasps make their nests by chewing wood into a pulp so it ends up almost like paper. This means that it’s very flammable. If the nest is close to your property, setting fire to it is not the smartest thing to do. It can also make any nearby wasps very angry.

Flooding a Nest With Water

Got a wasp’s nest in your attic? Flooding it with water might cause structural damage to your home. Just like burning a nest, it turns out that flooding it can make wasps pretty angry as well.

Attacking it With a Baseball Bat

This could turn out to be one of the worst ideas you ever had. Attacking a wasp’s nest with a bat and whacking it about like a piñata will make wasps very aggravated.

So What’s the Best Way to Remove a Wasp’s Nest?

Call in professional pest control. There are several reasons why this is by far your best bet.

Professional pest technicians have access to the right safety equipment that will protect them from wasp stings so they can safely remove a nest.

They also have the training and expert knowledge to remove a nest. They understand wasp behaviour and how to remove a wasp’s nest safely and effectively.

Professional technicians also have access to professional products that are superior those that are available to the public. No, that can of wasp spray isn’t going to see off the thousands of wasps in a nest.

How To Prevent Wasps From Building Their Nests In and Around Your Property

• Seal all gaps, cracks, and possible entry points to your home;

• Install fly screens on windows and doors;

• Make sure rubbish bins are securely shut and don’t leave bags of rubbish lying around next to the bin as this attracts wasps.

Have you found a wasp’s nest in your home or garden? Don’t let it ruin your summer days in the garden. Call in the professionals to remove it.

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