Autumn Pests to Look Out For

After a summer of batting away flies and wasps, you can’t let your guard down as the days get cooler. Here are the autumn pests you need to look out for around your home.

Which Pests Should I Look Out For in the Autumn?


Yes, as well as being annoying in the summer, wasps are autumn pests too. In fact, wasps are more troublesome in the autumn. Shorter days mean that wasps spend more time feeding outside and are more likely to come into contact with you. They also tend to feed on ripening fruit at this time of year and this can actually make them ‘drunk’ and aggressive.

Did you Know?

Insecticides can take longer to kill wasps in the colder weather because their metabolism is slower.

Look Out for These Signs of Wasps Near Your Home This Autumn

• You see more than just one or two of them flying around your home or garden;

• Holes appear in exterior wood. Wasps create their nests by chewing wood into a pulp;

• You see a wasp’s nest. Never try to remove a nest yourself as you risk provoking an attack.

Bed Bugs

You’ve got people coming back from their summer holidays and jetting off for some sun in the colder months. The result is that bed bugs are transported from place to place in suitcases and on people.

Did you know?

Bed bugs are definitely autumn pests. In temperate climates like the UK, bed bugs reach their peak numbers towards early autumn.

Look Out for These Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home This Autumn

• You see adult bed bugs. They can be quite hard to spot because they are only around 4-5mm in length. But look out for a reddish-brown insect with a flat oval body. They feed on the blood of human hosts, so check near where you sleep; in bed frames or mattresses, or in bedroom furniture.

They also like to hide out in the cracks between floorboards and under the edge of carpets;

• You have a cluster of bites on your body which appear as swollen itchy red spots;

• You notice dark stains on your bed sheets. These are usually bed bug faeces and/or bed bugs you’ve managed to crush in your sleep.

• You smell a sweet, musty scent in your home. Bed bugs emit pheromones and the smell is very noticeable when they are present in large numbers.


Spiders are probably the most common autumn pests we expect to see as the weather gets colder. They move indoors for food and shelter, and it’s also their mating season. Spider mating season starts in early September and finishes mid-October. Male spiders come out to look for a mate and so they become a lot more visible around our homes.

Look Out for These Signs of Spiders in Your Home This Autumn

• You see more spiders than usual around your home and you see webs. As well as checking ceilings and window frames, some species like moisture, so look around pipes, sinks, baths, showers, and sheds.

Did you know?

The UK’s largest spider is the cardinal spider, which grows to around 14cm long.


Fleas are also common autumn pests. People coming back from summer holidays can increase their numbers, and fleas at all stages of the life cycle can flourish even in cooler temperatures. Your nice warm home is the perfect hideout for them.

Did you know?

The flea life cycle speeds up in warmer conditions. So when you put your heating on this autumn, you might be encouraging any dormant eggs to hatch!

Look Out for These Signs of Fleas in Your Home This Autumn

• You see adult fleas around your home, particularly on curtains, carpets, and furniture;

• Your pet is scratching a lot more than usual, or you see signs of flea activity in their fur;

• You notice flea bites around your feet and ankles. These look like red spots surrounded by ‘halos.’ You might also have a rash or hives.

Rats and Mice

You’re more likely to see these pests in the autumn because they come inside seeking food and shelter.

Did you know?

They may be tiny, but mice eat between 15 and 20 times per day! Your home usually provides them with a plentiful supply of food.

Look Out for These Signs of Mice and Rats in Your Home This Autumn

• You see droppings;

• You smell an unusual musky odour which is their urine;

• You notice gnaw marks on food packaging, cardboard boxes, wires, and cables;

• You see nests;

• You can hear scratching noises, especially at night;

• Footprints or tracks are visible in dusty areas and along skirting boards;

Want to Keep Your Home Free From Pests This Autumn?

If you’ve seen signs of pest activity in your home, call Contego. Our expert technicians will identify the pest causing the problem and recommend the solution that’s best for your situation. For a pest-free home and peace of mind this autumn, always call in the professionals.

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