Mouse in the House? 5 Signs to Look Out For?

Mice are nocturnal animals. But even if you don’t see one through the day, they could still be present in your house. Here are the 5 tell-tale signs to look out for.

You’ll see droppings

If you see small, dark droppings in areas like the inside of cupboards it’s a sign there’s mice in your house.

You can hear scratching noises

Mice are most active at night. So if you’re in bed and you hear scratching noises coming from the walls or loft, it’s a sign of infestation.

You’ll see nests

Mice make nests out of materials like cardboard and insulation. Look in lofts, undisturbed areas in cupboards, and under and behind kitchen appliances.

You see footprints or tracks

Because they hide out in dusty, undisturbed places, mice will leave footprints or tracks as they move around. Not sure whether you have mice in your house? Sprinkle some flour or talc and check it for footprints or tracks the next day.

You’ll notice a strong smell

If you get a strong whiff of ammonia at certain points around your home, this can be a sign of mice activity.

Where Should I Check for Mice in My House?

Mice can squeeze into the tiniest of gaps, so really anywhere in your house is game. However, there are some places where they prefer to hide out.


Lofts are pretty undisturbed and if you have plenty of stuff stored away that they can make a nest from, all the better. Check the loft for mouse droppings, gnaw marks on cardboard boxes, and a strong ammonia smell.


Mice can easily find their way into gaps behind a fridge or under a cooker. Check areas around pipes too. They can get through gaps and could be hiding out behind your washing machine.


Got some worn out or damaged air bricks or vents? Mice will easily get in and make a home in your lovely undisturbed basement.

The nooks and crannies you don’t think about

Crawlspaces, airing cupboards, and any of those areas of your home that are dark, hidden, and not often disturbed are popular with mice.

I Think I’ve Got Mice in My House

Have you noticed any or all of the 5 signs of mice in your house? Before you buy a cat or try that nonsense the old wives’ tales suggest, call Contego.

DIY methods like traps and baits might work if you’ve got one lone mouse. However, mice are social creatures and if you’ve seen one, the chances are there will be more.

The only way to protect your home and family is to call in professional pest control.

Contego’s experienced technicians will assess your home, find out how mice are getting in, and deal with the infestation. We’ll also give you expert advice on how to prevent a re-infestation.

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