Pigeons: Friend or Foe?

Pigeons haven’t got the best reputation. They are known for being noisy, dirty, and carrying diseases. You might have heard them being described as ‘flying rats.’ But do they deserve the bad rap? Are pigeons friend or foe?

Why Pigeons Aren’t All Bad

Bear with us here. Though pigeons can be noisy and disease-ridden, they do actually contribute some good things to the world.

They spread seeds to help plants and tree fruits grow

Pigeons help disperse seeds across quite a distance and help plants and trees grow. They do this in a few different ways:

• Seeds get stuck to their feathers then they drop off in another location;

• They carry them in their beaks and drop them as they fly off;

Last but not least, they defecate the seeds out and they land in the ground where they often germinate. We know, yuck.

They help control insect numbers

Pigeons eat just about anything. While they love seeds and grains, they’re happy to feast on insects too which helps keep numbers of pest insects down.

They make good pets

Pigeons are intelligent birds that owners can bond with. They can be trained to fly long distances and return home. Some Pigeons have found their way back from hundreds of miles away.

Not Convinced?

While pigeons do have some positive attributes, they’re probably not what you think of if they’re causing problems around your home or business. Pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause a headache for homeowners, while for business owners, pigeons in numbers are a health and safety nightmare. Here’s why many people think of pigeons as a foe.

They carry a lot of diseases

Pigeons carry around 60 known pathogens that can cause serious illness in humans. From lung diseases to E.coli and Salmonella, pigeons and their droppings are a threat to human health.

Pigeons and their nests attract other pests

Pigeon droppings and nests attract other pests like mites, fleas, and beetles which can be a double whammy for homeowners or business owners.

They cause a lot of damage

Pigeon droppings are very acidic thanks to the high uric acid content. This corrodes buildings, vehicles, and machinery. Nesting materials also clog gutters and block drains which can damage your roof and cause flooding and leaks.

Pigeon droppings are a health and safety hazard

Not only are pigeon droppings full of disease-causing pathogens, they are also very slippery. So if a walkway outside of your business became covered in droppings and someone fell, you could be held responsible.

Having Problems With Pigeons?

Is pigeons are more foe than friend and they’re causing problems around your home or business, call Contego.

We understand bird behaviour and we know what will deter them. We can recommend and install some effective bird-proofing solutions like bird spikes, fire gel, and netting. Then after that, we can professionally clean up the mess they’ve left behind on your building, gutters, walkways and more.

Ready to rid your home or business of nuisance pigeons once and for all?

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