Regional Pests: The Biggest Threats Where You Live

As a pest control provider that works UK-wide, we definitely see regional differences in the callouts we get. Hillary’s Blinds carried out a research survey back in 2019 to identify the most common regional pests in the UK. So when it comes to your region, what are the biggest threats where you live?

Regional Pests in Scotland

Most Problematic Pest: Birds

In large numbers, birds can cause a lot of damage and they’re a health hazard. Their nesting materials block gutters and cause damage and their droppings not only look unsightly, they can corrode buildings and spread diseases. Add to that the fact that birds like gulls can be noisy and aggressive, especially during breeding season. Because all birds are protected by law, you can’t just go and remove their nests or try to kill them. Call in a professional bird control company who can:

• Deploy bird deterrents such as bird alert or falconry;

• Proof your home or business premises against birds with bird netting, bird wire, spikes, or fire gel.

Regional Pests in Northern Ireland

Most Problematic Pest: Rats

Rats can be a problem all year round, but in the colder months, they head inside looking for food and shelter. Rats can cause damage to property and spread diseases, so if you spot any signs of rats, call in professional pest control straight away.

Regional Pest in Wales

Most Problematic Pest: Rats

Rats were also the most common pest causing problems for residents and business owners in Wales. When it comes to preventing a rat infestation, we always tell our customers that prevention is better than cure. That’s why rodent proofing will always be an important part of our recommendations.

To prevent rats from gaining access to your property:

• Keep bins securely shut and don’t leave bags next to bins-rubbish is a potential food source and will attract them;

• Block off any entry points to your home or business premises. Look out in particular for gaps and cracks in and around:

Kitchen cabinets, fridges, and stoves

Windows and doors


Pipes under sinks and washing machines

Floor and dryer vents



Cat flaps

Electrical, plumbing, cable, and gas lines

Regional Pests in the Midlands

Most Problematic Pest: Cockroaches

You might have only seen a cockroach in your holiday apartment but don’t be fooled into thinking they only live in warmer climates. Cockroaches can thrive anywhere where there’s a good food and water supply, and shelter. They crawl over rubbish and dirt, then spread diseases which is bad news for homeowners and businesses. Cockroaches are also notoriously hardy pests and they breed fast so you’ll need professional help to get rid of them.

Regional Pests in the North Of England

Most Problematic Pests: Mice, Rats, and Ants

Finding a rodent or ant infestation in your home or businesses is really not pleasant. But don’t panic, there are some things you can do to take control of the situation. The first thing you should do is call in professional pest control, then get to work removing any potential sources of food. Like most pests, one of the main reasons that mice, rats, and ants will enter a property is to look for food.

The best things you can do to deter them are:

Keep your worktops and floors free from crumbs and other food debris;

Vacuum regularly;

Clean out your food cupboards;

Keep your bin securely shut;

Don’t leave pet food out;

Repair any leaking taps or pipes as the moisture will attract thirsty pests.

Regional Pests in the South of England

Most Problematic Pests: Wasps (South West), Bed Bugs (South East)

Residents and business owners in the South West are most commonly plagued by wasps. If you should ever be unlucky enough to find a wasp’s nest near your home or business, don’t try to remove it yourself. Wasps can be very territorial and aggressive and you could find yourself on the receiving end of an attack. Always call in professional pest control.

Unsurprisingly, bed bugs thrive in places like London because it’s so densely populated and it’s a common destination for travellers. Bed bugs breed very fast so an effective treatment such as heat treatment needs to be deployed as soon as you’ve seen signs of infestation.

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Wherever you are in the UK, Contego can help get rid of your pest problems. After a survey of your home or business, we’ll recommend the most effective course of action to get you pest-free and keep it that way.

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