The Future is Here: Bringing Data To Life

In the pest management industry, you may see a lot of businesses making bold claims about the future of the industry, and their position in it. Well, here at Contego, we’d like to focus on the present, as when it comes to data and technology, the future is already here!

Contego has invested heavily in technology and data to give you, our customers, the best possible pest management experience. The culmination of this, and the shining jewel in the Contego crown is the myContego portal. But what is it, and what makes it so… shiny?

The myContego Portal

We believe in giving you, the customer all the information you will ever need to manage your pest risk, in the easiest format possible. The result of this is the myContego portal, your one-stop shop for all the data to help you manage your pest risk.

We give you detailed data, in an easy-to-understand and action format at your fingertips. The myContego Action management portal keeps you informed, all your pest control reports, documents and risk records all in one place.

From here you can:

  • View and open actions, left for you by our expert technicians.
  • Assess your site ratings, allowing you to stay on top of your risk, across a whole contract.
  • View site escalations, so you are always in the loop should your risk rating change.
  • View site visits, both past and planned, so you can always be prepared for the next time we drop by.

As well as all of these great features, the most useful feature of all, you can manage your pest risk with our BRAG colour-coded risk ratings, for all your sites. Here you can see exactly what is causing issues for you at your site, and the actions required to help. All these actions are rated as either:

BLACK Very High (Rodent or cockroach activity or sighting in a public-facing area)

RED High –(Rodents, cockroaches, or other high-risk pests active inside the building)

AMBER Medium – (Rodents externally or other low-risk pests active internally)

GREEN Low – (No activity.)

With the risk rating system, you can prioritise your actions, taking into account the the issues that affect your business most, and effectively manage your pest risk.  

The portal also allows you to request technician visit, and report any new pest issues, making it easy to keep up date on your pest activity, 24/7.

All this sounds great right, but you may be thinking from experience, ‘customer portals are quite difficult to navigate.’ – well, we’ve made every effort to make sure the myContego portal is as easy as possible to use, with the important information displayed in easy graphical data. The portal can also be viewed in multiple languages, so if English isn’t your native tongue, no worries, just switch it up!

With all this at your finger tips, it’s hard to dispute that when it comes to technology in pest control, the future’s already here at Contego!

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