6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

Are you a mosquito magnet? If you’re forever getting bitten and your friends and family aren’t, it might pay to know why they’re attracted to you. Here are 6 reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more than others.

1. Your Clothing of Choice

Scientists have found that wearing darker colours like black and red makes it easier for mosquitoes to see you. If you want to avoid a mosquito bite, try wearing softer colours like white.

2. Your Blood Type

This might seem quite random, but it’s not. There’s a protein in human blood that female mosquitos need for their eggs to develop. But mosquitoes don’t just want any old blood. Research has shown that they’re particularly fond of AB and O blood types.

3. You Give Off a Lot of CO2

Carbon dioxide helps mosquitoes find you. So when you breathe out, they can sense the CO2. This explains why mosquitoes forever seem to be buzzing around your head. The more carbon dioxide you breathe out, the more chance you have of being on the receiving end of a mosquito bite. Larger people give off more CO2, as do people who are exercising, and pregnant women.

4. You’re a Bit Hot and Sweaty

As well as being able to sniff out CO2, mosquitoes can detect other compounds present in sweat. So if you’re exercising outdoors or you’re out and about on a hot and humid day, make sure you’ve got your repellent on.

5. The Bacteria on Your Skin Attracts Mosquitoes

No, we’re not trying to shame you. Everyone’s skin has a mix of bacteria, natural oils, and sweat. Your unique mix can attract mosquitoes. Scientists have found that it’s not only more bacteria that attracts mosquitoes, it’s a more diverse range of bacteria.

6. You’re Pregnant

As if pregnancy wasn’t tough enough, it can make you more likely to suffer a mosquito bite. There are a couple of reasons why scientist things this happens:

· Pregnant women breathe out more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes;

· When you’re pregnant, your abdomen is hotter, and the extra heat draws in mosquitoes.

How to Prevent and Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes aren’t just something you need to worry about in warmer climes. There are around 30 different species here in the UK too.

To prevent getting bitten in your own home or garden we recommend;

· Keeping guttering and bird baths clean. Mosquitoes love to breed near stagnant water;

· Fitting fly screens over open windows;

· If there’s one bothersome mosquito in your home, try some fly spray.

Got a Mosquito Invasion?

If mosquitos are invading your home and garden in numbers, call in professional pest control. At Contego, our technicians have the knowhow and products to get rid of these irritating pests fast. Want to enjoy the warm days and evenings without fear of getting a bite?

Call Contego.

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