Do Rats still come out in the Winter?

Many animals go to ground and hibernate in the colder months. So why on earth have you seen a rat around your home or business in the winter? Do rats still come out in the winter?

Yes, Rats are Active in Winter

Rodents don’t hibernate in the winter. While they don’t tend to breed in the colder months, they do come indoors to look for food and shelter. They’ll squeeze their way through any gaps, get into your home or business premises, and set up home in places like lofts, basements, sheds, and inside of wall cavities.

The Problem with Rats

So you can’t let down your guard because rats still come out in the winter. Why is this a problem? Apart from the sight of one scurrying around your home being terrifying, rats cause other problems too.

They carry diseases- You’ll probably know that rats have a reputation for carrying diseases. They carry nasty pathogens like E.coli and salmonella and can contaminate food stuffs, water tanks, and their surroundings with their urine and droppings.

They damage property- Rats love to gnaw on things and they can even chew through metal! Rats can gnaw through wood, insulation, and plasterboard which can cause structural issues. They also chew through wires and pipes which can pose a huge safety risk.

How to Spot a Rat Infestation

Because rats still come out in the winter, you need to be on the lookout for signs of an infestation in the colder months like:

· Signs of gnawing on boxes, food stuffs, and other stored items;

· Damage to cables and wires where rats have chewed through;

· Droppings near skirting boards and in cupboards;

· Piles of cardboard, fabric, or shredded paper which they’ve collected to make a nest;

· An unpleasant stale smell.

How to Stop Rats from Getting In

To stop rats getting into your home or business premises in the colder months, follow these golden rules:

· Inspect your home for any gaps, cracks, or holes where rats could get in. Remember they can get through the smallest of gaps.

· Keep your home or premises free from clutter.

· Keep rubbish secure and don’t leave bin bags lying next to bins.

· Keep kitchens and food preparation areas clean. Keep food in airtight containers, don’t leave leftovers or pet food out, and clean up crumbs or other debris.

Got a Problem with Rats? Call in the Professionals

A rat infestation can be an unexpected problem in the colder months. But rats still come out in winter so you need to be vigilant. Follow our rat prevention tips, but if they still manage to get in, call in the professionals.

Our expert technicians will diagnose and treat a rat infestation fast to help you protect your home, family, or business.

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