What to do if a Fox approaches you

A plentiful and readily available supply of food is increasingly drawing foxes into urban areas. This inevitably brings them into contact with us. While they don’t usually harm humans, if one approaches you late at night, what should you do? Here’s what to do if a fox approaches you.

Will Foxes Attack Humans?

Foxes aren’t usually a danger to humans and it’s not typically in their nature to attack. They are generally more focused on scavenging for food than anything else. However, while you may have fed a fox or got close to one before, the fact remains that foxes are wild animals.

As wild animals, they can be unpredictable and will go on the offensive if they feel cornered or threatened, like many other species. Foxes are naturally fearful of people, and that’s one of the reasons you should never approach one, even if it seems docile.

Why Would a Fox Approach Me?

We already know that foxes are coming into urban areas in greater numbers. That’s why you need to know what to do if a fox approaches you. There are some things in particular that bring foxes nearer to humans, like:

· Bird feeders in gardens;

· Pet food that’s been left out;

· Fruit trees;

· Compost piles full of tasty organic waste;

· Places to hide and shelter like sheds and under decking;

· Overflowing bins;

· The presence of chickens, ducks, and small pets that are natural prey to foxes;

· The fact that we allow them to enter where we live. If foxes work out that there’s a food source nearby or somewhere to shelter and we don’t chase them away, they stop fearing us.

What to Do if a Foxes Approaches You

If a fox feels threatened, it could get aggressive. Most of the time, a fox will run away and hide from a person. However if you are in a situation where a fox approaches you, try to stay calm, slowly back off, and don’t make any sudden movements. Try to stand well away so the fox can see that it can get away and you aren’t a threat to it.

What if a Fox Attacks Me?

If you are attacked or bitten by a fox, try your best to stay calm. The fox might run away, but if it doesn’t, try making a loud noise or even clapping to scare it away. If you are out walking a pet, don’t be tempted to let your pet run after it. Instead, focus on getting some medical attention for the bite.

Though it’s rare, wild foxes can carry the rabies virus and other pathogens. That’s why it’s a good idea to get to get the wound cleansed and checked out.

Having Problems with Foxes?

Now you know what to do if a fox approaches you. But what if there are foxes around your home causing other problems?

If there are foxes digging up your garden, terrorising your small pets, or making those terrifying screaming noises late at night, you might need help deterring them.

We’d recommend you don’t take things into your own hands because foxes are protected by law. But Contego’s pest technicians are experienced in wildlife management and have targeted solutions at our disposal to control fox populations.

Want to protect yourself, your family, your pets, and your property?

Stay on the right side of the law and call Contego.

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