Cockroaches: The Unlikely Winter Pest

You’ve probably seen a cockroach when you’ve been on holiday in warmer climates. While it’s true that they do prefer warmer temperatures, they can live in much lower temperatures too. In the colder months, they’ll seek shelter and food in your nice warm home. This is what makes cockroaches the unlikely winter pest.

Where Do Cockroaches Go in the Winter?

Cockroaches are hardy pests, and they don’t necessarily die off or hibernate because it’s winter. However, in a bid to survive the cold temperatures, they’ll usually head into warm homes where there’s a source of food or moisture.

So I Can Still Get a Cockroach Infestation in the Winter?

Yes. Cockroaches are the unlikely winter pest we admit, but you can still get an infestation. Cockroaches on the lookout for food and warmth will make their way into your home through gaps in walls, pipes, and drains. They might also hitch a ride in a pile of firewood or some second-hand furniture. Once inside your nice warm home, they’ll be active and can reproduce all year round.

The thing about cockroach infestations is that they can be hard to spot until it’s too late. They are nocturnal pests so you might not see them through the day. They are also experts at hiding due to their flat bodies. They’ll hide inside of light fittings, behind and under appliances, and in cracks and crevices in walls and furniture.

What Attracts Cockroaches into Your Home?

Food: They love meat, bread, sweet stuff, and grains, but they’ll eat pretty much anything.

Water: Cockroaches love moist and humid areas where they can get a drink. That’s why you’ll often find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Warmth: Cockroaches become dormant when the weather is cold. In warmer temperatures, they become much more active.

How To Prevent a Cockroach Infestation This Winter

While cockroaches are unlikely winter pests, you can still get an infestation in the colder months. Here’s how you can prevent one.

Keep your home clean

It’s a myth that cockroaches infest dirty homes, however, keeping your home clean deprives them of food sources and a place to hide. Keep kitchen floors and work surfaces free of food debris and vacuum, dust, and mop regularly. Have a good declutter.

Store food in airtight containers

Keep food in sealed containers to make sure cockroaches can’t get to it. Don’t leave pet food lying around.

Don’t let your rubbish pile up

Cockroaches love to feast on rubbish, so make sure you empty your kitchen bin regularly.

Fix any leaks

That dripping pipe could be exactly what’s making cockroaches feel right at home in your house. Check around your home for any leaks and get them fixed.

Seal up potential entry points

Inspect your home for gaps and cracks in walls, and around doors, and windows. Seal them up with caulk.

Got a Problem with Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are the unlikely winter pest, but it just goes to show, they can cause problems all year round. If you’re having problems with cockroaches, call us as soon as you can. An infestation can be hard to spot and can soon get out of hand.

You might have read that cockroaches are pretty much invincible. They’re not, especially when our expert pest technicians are on the case.

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