Protecting Your Business from Pests: A Guide to Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control isn’t just about putting down traps or poisons to deal with the pest in question. What businesses need is a broader strategy, specialist expertise they can call on, and a longer-term solution to keeping pests at Bay. Here’s our guide to pest control for businesses.

Modern Pest Control

Modern pest control for businesses isn’t often a ‘one and done’ job, it’s an ongoing process between the pest control company and the client that involves:

Continuous monitoring




All of these come together as part of a wider plan to protect your business, reputation, staff, customers, and the wider environment.

Contego’s Commercial Pest Control Service When it comes to pest control for businesses, we take a targeted and individual approach that is most suited to your needs and the pest problems you’re having. Like we said, it’s not just about treating a problem. A pest infestation may be a symptom of a wider issue like a need for pest proofing or poor housekeeping. That’s why any plan we agree between us will involve a focus on pest prevention, not just elimination.

How Does a Commercial Pest Control Visit Work?

You’ve seen a rat in your restaurant kitchen or a mouse in your takeaway. You freak out a bit (or a lot) then you call us. Our professional technicians will come and do an in-depth survey and risk assessment of your premises. From what we find out, we can then provide a tailored solution that meets your needs. You can get on with doing what you do best, with the peace of mind that your pest problem is being taken care of. As part of the solution, we’ll also give you and your employees expert advice on how to prevent a re-infestation.

Does My Business Really Need Professional Pest Control?

Yes, especially if you’re in the food, hospitality, or healthcare sectors. Strict legislation as well as clients and customers who expect quality and safety means that professional pest control is not just a ‘nice to have.’ It’s a must-have.

Commercial pest control can help you stay legally compliant, pass your audits with flying colours, and of course, keep your customers and clients happy.

Contego Means ‘To Protect, To Defend’

Choose us to provide pest control in your business and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll protect your business from pests and as BPCA members, you can expect the highest standards of pest expertise and professionalism. You can check out the rest of our accreditations here.

Need Help With a Pest Problem in Your Business?

We’re here for you. As an award-winning pest control company that takes an innovative approach to pest control, we know that you know your business best. We know pest control and together we can work to reduce pest infestations and reduce risk.

Want a cost-effective solution to pest control that gets results?

Call Contego.

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