Debunked! 6 Pest Control Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

The worst has happened. You’ve got pests in your home. After a panicked Google search about the pest in question, you’re even more confused. There’s a lot of false and conflicting information out there. So we’re helping you sort out fact from fiction. Here are 6 pest control myths you shouldn’t believe.

Pests are only attracted to dirty homes

While it’s true that crumbs attract pests and clutter gives them a place to hide, any home can provide the food, water, and shelter they need. Even keeping your home spotlessly clean won’t guarantee it will stay pest-free.

Cheese is the best bait for mice and rats

Despite all you’ve learned from cartoon mice, cheese is not the number one favourite food for rats and mice. They love meat, sweet things, nuts, and seeds among other things. For a bait that’s actually going to work, use something that’s scented to deliberately attract rodents, such as our Rat and Mouse Ruby Grain Bait.

Bed bugs only infest hotels

Next on our list of pest control myths is this one about bedbugs. Yes they do infest hotels as they will hitch a ride in and on luggage and move from place to place. However, bedbugs aren’t fussy. They feed on human blood so you’ll find them wherever people are, and not necessarily just in bedrooms.

Essential oils repel pests

Despite what you may have read online, essential oils aren’t a sure-fire way to get rid of pests. There’s little evidence to say they are effective, and in cases of serious infestation, you need a pest control professional with the professional products that will actually eliminate them.

My cat will keep rats and mice away

As pest control myths go, this is a popular one. Sadly, it’s not true. Cats usually fall into two camps; the one who’s scared of everything and anything, and the one who will chase everything and anything.

The former might run away from a rat while the latter might tear a mouse to pieces in the hallway or leave the body in your shoe. Expecting your cat to take care of pest control in your home is not exactly the most reliable method.

I can get rid of an infestation with DIY pest products

This is a tricky one. While DIY pest products work in some circumstances, they won’t always do the job. Sometimes they don’t contain enough active ingredient. Then there’s the know how you need to apply the product effectively. Pest control chemicals can be dangerous if they’re used incorrectly. This is where professional pest control comes in. Pest technicians have the pest knowledge and access to professional grade products that will get the job done.

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There are so many pest myths out there, so let us give you the facts (and the solutions you need for a pest-free home!)

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