Why are Pigeons Nesting on my Roof?

Walk through any town or city and you’ll probably see pigeons perching on rooftops. They might have even made your house roof a favourite spot. So why do pigeons nest on roofs and what can you do about it?

Why pigeons nest on roofs

Pigeons nest on roofs for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are high enough to be a safe haven from predators and secondly, they are a good vantage point from which to spot food sources.

So, nesting on roofs is all good for pigeons, but it turns out that it’s bad news for homeowners or building owners.

The problems nesting pigeons cause

The odd pigeon doesn’t do that much harm, but when they flock together in numbers, then it becomes a problem. Buildings and walkways get covered in acidic droppings which causes damage to roofs, buildings, and vehicles. Not only that, bird droppings contain nasty disease-causing pathogens which can make people very sick should they come into contact with them or breathe in the dust.

Nest debris and feathers can also clog guttering, leading to water damage and flooding. And if that wasn’t enough, pigeon nests attract other pests like fleas and mites.

How to stop pigeons nesting on my roof

Thankfully, there are some really effective bird proofing methods out there to keep pigeons from nesting on your home or building.

Our favourite bird proofing and control solutions

Bird netting can be fixed to roofs, fascias, ledges, eaves, and chimneys to create a physical barrier to birds landing on your roof.

Bird spikes placed strategically on surfaces make it impossible for pigeons to perch on your roof.

Bird gel is a very effective deterrent. The ingredients react with UV light in such a way that the gel looks like fire to a bird circling above. This makes your roof seem like an undesirable and unsafe place to land.

Falconry bird control is a hugely effective deterrent to nesting pigeons, especially when it’s combined with one of the proofing method above. Flying birds of prey around your building will trigger the pigeons’ natural fear of predators and will deter them from setting up home on your building.

Are pigeons nesting on your roof?

Apart from the safety of a roof, there are other reasons why pigeons might be nesting on your roof. They are often attracted to solar panels and nest under them for warmth. Even the bird feeder in your garden is an attractive proposition that will make them want to nest nearby.

If you have a pigeon problem, call us.

Contego are known in the industry as one of the leading specialist bird control companies, and for good reason. We’ve controlled birds for clients in challenging locations like stadiums, power stations, rail stations, and listed buildings. Our bird control experts understand bird behaviour and they know what’s likely to work in any situation where pest birds are causing a problem.

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