Dealing with Springtime Wasp Nests

Every year we look forward to the warmer weather after a dreary British winter. However, with the springtime comes the dreaded wasps to spoil our garden gatherings and BBQs. But what about when there’s not just the odd annoying wasp, there’s an entire nest? Here’s our guide to dealing with springtime wasp nests.

How to deter wasps from your home or garden

Reduce food sources

First things first; how can you deter wasps from your garden? Well the main thing they are looking for is food or anything sugary, as you’ll already know if you’ve tried to have a summer picnic in the presence of wasps. Keep food covered when you’re outside, especially anything fruity or sugary. This also goes for pet food, don’t leave it uncovered. Make sure you keep bins securely closed too. Rotting food and odours can attract hungry wasps.

Seal off potential entry points

Wasps can get into roof spaces and porches through holes, cracks, or gaps. Inspect your roof, loft space, and porch, and seal up any holes with caulk or foam.

Dealing with springtime wasps nests-what can I do?

Discovering a wasps nest near or in your home can be really worrying. So what should you do? Forget about trying to get rid of it yourself. Disturbing wasps can make them think their nest is under attack and they’ll go on the defensive. Unlike bees, wasps can sting continuously and what’s more, when they are under attack, they send out chemical signals to other wasps and before you know it, you’ll be trying to fight off a swarm of them single-handed.

Should I be worried about wasp stings?

A single wasp sting is painful, itchy, and sore. But multiple wasp stings can even be fatal if you’re allergic. If you get stung and you feel like you can’t breathe and you’re dizzy, dial 999. This is a sign of anaphylactic shock.

Discovered a springtime wasp nest?

Call Contego. Our expert technicians understand wasp behaviour and they can remove nests even in hard to reach places. We have the protective clothing and professional grade products to destroy a nest fast and effectively, without causing harm to you, your children, or pets.

Don’t be tempted to go in the garden with a can of wasp spray and a pair of oven gloves. Call in the professionals to get rid of wasps so you can look forward to this summer without the worry.

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