Buzz Off! Tackling Flies and Wasps in the UK as the Temperature Rises

Warmer weather means beer gardens and barbecues, but it also means that we get invaded by insects. Here’s our guide to tackling flies and wasps in the UK as the temperature rises.

Are flies and wasps increasing in numbers in the UK?

Feel like you’re constantly batting away flies and wasps? You aren’t imagining it. Numbers are increasing thanks to warmer summers. Hot humid weather means breeding takes place earlier than usual and maturity from egg to adult can be quicker.

Why control houseflies?

In their short lifespan, houseflies lay as many as 500-900 eggs, in batches of 100-150. In warmer temperatures, flies can mature from egg to adult in as little as 7 days. When the adult emerges, they are capable of breeding almost immediately. So you can see how easily an infestation can occur.

A housefly infestation is not just annoying, it’s dangerous for your health. Ready for the icky bit? Flies feed by vomiting saliva onto their food of choice and sucking up the liquid. Flies also carry bacteria on their feet from whatever they have landed on previously, which could be anything from dog poo to a landfill site. Lovely!

If any of this bacteria ends up on your food and you consume it, it can make you or one of your loved ones very ill.

Tackling flies and wasps in the UK-What can I do about flies?

· Keep worktops free from food debris and sticky spillages, and don’t leave food lying around uncovered.

· Empty your kitchen bin often and keep the lid securely closed. Clean the inside of your bin regularly to get rid of odours and food and drink debris that can attract flies.

· Fit fly screens to your windows.

· Insect sprays and sticky fly papers work to an extent, though in cases of serious infestation, call in professional pest control. Flies breed extremely quickly and with the health problems they could cause you and your family, trying to deal with it yourself is not worth the risk.

Why control wasps?

There are over 7,000 species of wasp in the UK. No wonder so many picnics are ruined! Queen wasps come out of hibernation in the middle of April and start building their nests. They often build them in the ground, inside piles of wood, behind air bricks, or in lofts.

The queen lays eggs which can mature into larvae then adult wasps in just 5 weeks. A nest can hold thousands of wasps at any one time. Wasps are very territorial and aggressive, and they will attack if they are under threat. Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly and not die. This is why you must not try to tackle a wasp nest by yourself.

Tackling flies and wasps in the UK-What can I do about wasps?

· Keep bins securely shut and keep them away from your property if you can.

· Check for wasp nests from mid-April onwards. Nests will be really small in the spring, about the size of a golf ball. Check your loft, garage, shed, eaves, and other hidden spots for signs of wasp activity. This DOES not mean you should try to get rid of it yourself however.

Trying to remove a wasp nest will make the wasps inside feel threatened. When they feel threatened, they give off a chemical signal that attracts other wasps. Before you know it, you may be dealing with an angry swarm.

We’d always recommend that you call us if you discover a nest. Though if it’s in an area that’s out of the way and it’s not really bothering you or your family, we may suggest that it’s left alone.

Tackling flies and wasps in the UK-how do pest controllers treat a wasp nest?

Let’s start by saying that professional pest controllers are highly trained and knowledgeable about wasps, and they have access to products that aren’t available to the public. This makes removing a wasp nest a far safer job.

Our pest technicians will usually apply an insecticide near the nest’s entrance. Any wasps going in and out will bring the chemicals back into the nest. Give it a couple of days and the wasps will die off.

What about DIY products-Could I just spray the wasp nest?

No. While they may work when the next is tiny, a large established nest needs proper treatment. And one last thing; don’t be tempted to follow any of the tips you see online about burning or flooding nests. The last thing you want is to make wasps angry!

Tackling flies and wasps in the UK- Need help now?

If your home and garden has been invaded by flies or wasps, call in the experts. Contego’s pest technicians can assess and treat the problem fast, giving you back your peace of mind.

Don’t suffer with insect invasions this summer-call Contego.

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