Contraband Netting

Contraband Netting

Contraband Netting

Contraband Netting is most commonly used in and around prisons or high-security sites to prevent the entry of prohibited material entering/exiting the premises.

Contego install anti-contraband nets and NOMS standard prison Suicide Safety Mesh. Anti-contraband installations are designing to be stronger than traditional bird netting installations. Although they use a similar technique to install the systems need to be able to handle greater loads of snow weight as smaller netting such as 19mm is commonly specified.

Contraband mesh and net create a barrier that protects the premises. Preventing attempts to drop contraband and drugs into the prison or centre via drones or hand. Netting or mesh is installed to exercise yards and sensitive indoor areas.

Highly trained technicians will fit the netting and ensure it is secure, tamper-proof, and fitted as per the specification.

Our contraband netting is chemical, fire, and weather resistant.

At HM Prisons, Immigration Centres and detention centres to reduce risk.

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