Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing






Rodents and pest birds aren’t too fussy when they’re looking for food or for somewhere to live, but we’re sure that you would rather not have them on your premises. Pests can cause damage to buildings and produce, and they carry diseases which are a risk to public health. 

How we can help 

At Contego we work very closely with our expert pest control and bird proofing teams to help create the best pest proofing plan for our clients. 

We work with many blue-chip companies who cannot afford to have their businesses and reputations damaged by rodent or bird activity on their premises. 

Contego has a vast amount of experience of identifying pest entry points and creating the most effective long-term solutions for our clients. 


Our pest proofing methods:

Fitting galvanised sheeting to palisade fencing

Bristle strips

Mesh Covers

Batter proof doors 

Bird spikes and Bird netting

Bird Wire 


Your contract will be delivered in one of three ways:

  • Reactive – Non-contractual
  • Reactive –  Call Off
  • Pre-planned Maintainance Visits

We promise to…

  • carry out all visits set out in contracts
  • Be responsive

Our Costs

We provide fully transparent costing and reporting.

The price we give, excluding any unforeseen circumstances, will be what you pay.

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