Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management


The growth of our towns and cities has led to an increased number of wildlife coming into urban areas to seek food and habitat. 

Some animals carry diseases and pose a risk to human health, whereas some animals can cause other problems like noise nuisance or damage to premises and land. Where this is the case, you need specialist pest control operatives to deal with the problem. 

Animals that can be considered pests when they venture into certain areas include:

• Foxes

• Deer

• Rabbits

• Squirrels

• Moles

How we can help 

We provide fast and effective control for larger pests around your home or business. Whatever your pest issue, you can trust Contego to remove the problem and help you keep your premises pest-free. Pest control should be humane and adhere to the law, so we avoid harming wildlife wherever possible. We use techniques like trapping and encouraging them to move their habitat elsewhere, and we’ll always try to avoid causing harm to other species that might live in close proximity to the pests. 

Whatever your pest problem, our highly-trained technicians will provide you with a cost-effective and fast-acting solution, as well as proofing your site against future problems. 

The Legal Stuff

With some wildlife species, there are strict regulations that must be followed when attempting to control them. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, plus other regulations make it a criminal offence to kill or injure a protected species, capture a protected species, or destroy, damage, or disturb its habitat. It’s also illegal to injure or kill a protected species unless this is done under licence. 

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