Identification Pigeons are round-headed, slim-billed birds, with a fleshy patch at the base as well as rounded bodies, dense, soft feathers, scaly legs, tapered wings, and cooing/croning calls.

Common pigeons are species that have adapted to different living conditions, and while they can fly well, they are also light enough to glide on the breeze where they need to. The underside of their wings is usually white, and they also have the ability to make a cooing sound which they use to communicate.

Life Cycle
Nesting pigeons can breed at all times of the year, but are at their peak in the late spring and summer, with both parents raising the young. Two eggs are laid and then incubated by both parents for between 17 and 19 days. Once hatched, the babies are fed by the parents for the first 30 days before they can fly the nest. In the wild, pigeons will live up to an average of 6 years.

With only a small number of areas in the world where pigeons aren’t present, the habitat is varied, and in the wild, the pigeons can nest in the branches of trees, while in urban areas they will often be found on windowsills and in the eaves of buildings.


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