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If you have one, 20, or even 500 sites on routine servicing, you have multiple contractors or sometimes only one. Question. Is the contractor keeping you up to date with issues without bombarding you with emails and phone calls? 

Pest is normally high on the agenda but low on the priority list, we understand that and understand why it should be in hand by the service provider.  

Let’s talk Risk and Risk Management.

Pest management and control is all about reducing risk. At Contego we have a very different approach to pest control, we focus on client risk and ensuring the advice we are giving is simple to follow and action.

We give you detailed data, in an easy to understand and action format at your fingertips.

Your greatest risk even with a professional pest control company is the break down of communication between your service provider, on site teams and decision makers.

Innovation and pest control are not normally two words that go hand in hand. At Contego innovation is what’s driving the company forward. 

We definitely think differently and are willing to work with customers to find the real solution in a complete partnership approach. 

Have you thought about Smart Pest Control? How it could reduce your PPM visits across your portfolio. Reducing annual service costs. 

Some clients are moving to a Hybrid in-house and Contego supported service delivery, with Contego academy training for in-house maintenance teams only bringing in Contego for escalation sites when trap alerts have triggered with a catch.

We are here to support you in finding the right solution for your sites.

We identify and assign risk, prepare recommendations that are easy to action with in-house support from specialist proofing teams and all managed seamlessly within ‘myContego’ your action management portal. 

Reducing Pest and Brand Risk. 

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