Rain Rain Go Away

Autumn is fast approaching, and we reach the time of year when we usually have most rainfall. I know it often seems like that every month, but October to January is the wettest time of year.*

Now is a good time to think about where all that water is going to go, because, rest assured, it’s going to go somewhere!
Are all your gutters and downcomers clean and clear of debris? Any blockages will quickly divert the water onto a new course, one which could threaten your business with expensive and damaging flooding.

Contego PURGO can provide a cleaning service for clearing gutters of all debris, sludge build up and plant growth, allowing rain water to flow away freely.
We are difficult access experts, employing rope access as well as access platforms where required.
All of our cleaning work can be provided as part of a regular programme, as a one-off treatment, or as part of a fully integrated system.

If you are experiencing blocked gutters you may be under attack from pest birds. Contego AERO can implement a bird control programme on your site to keep away pest birds such as seagulls, and prevent problems from reoccurring.

Also, bear in mind that we now often experience very heavy rainfall in a short period of time. 
Parts of Japan have just suffered 2 feet of rainfall in 2 days!
Global Warming is a worldwide issue, and whilst we hopefully won’t see rain to that extent in the UK, flash-flooding is becoming an increasing problem.

Don’t get caught out this Winter. For expert advice please ‘Contact Us’  or phone 0800 028 7111.

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