Ho Ho Ho Hospitals

Hospitals are a haven for all pests if not managed and monitored correctly. This is why it is essential for good, quality, high-level pest control at all times. The main aims are to protect the public, staff and sterile environments.

We need to be protected from bacteria and infections which many pests carry with them. Sometimes, this is extremely difficult to control with so many people entering these sites every day, from all walks of life. Visitors, staff and contractors on sites mean that an open-door policy cannot be controlled. Some entrances are not protected at all, therefore making it easy for many pests to breed, harbour and find food easily.

The most popular pests are rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and occasionally bedbugs. Good planning, inspection and follow-ups on recommended proofing and housekeeping maintenance is essential and must not be taken lightly. This will reduce the risk of any pests on-site and safeguard anyone using and working at these services. This also needs to be delivered swiftly and effectively.

Milder winters and an increase in verminous activity has increased over the last 5 years and incidents relating to pests have increased. Most recently, in a Glasgow hospital, pigeons have been the reason for fatalities caused by pigeon droppings.

If you need advice or assistance at a hospital site then please do not hesitate to contact the team at Contego on 0800 028 7111.

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