Christmas Critters

Christmas is nearly upon us and there’s a chance there’s more than just a mouse stirring.

With all the fun and food at the tables over the festivities, we could reduce the risk of inviting unwanted pests into our houses.

If it wasn’t for the fleas a leaping around like lords or the ants eating your favourite cake. There’s a high-risk a mouse is sneaking around for spilt nuts.

Here are some tips for a pest-free Christmas.

Firstly, wrap up any leftover food tightly, refrigerate and store in a suitable area.

Any leftovers are all tasty treats for insects and rodents.

Secondly, keep your house as clean as possible, hoovering regularly and remember to clean up the crumbs.

Take the rubbish outside, try not to put overflowing bin bags on the floor as this will attract a wider variety of pests.

Lastly, protect your home in advance. Check for potential holes and gaps. Entry points should be sealed where possible.

If you are in doubt or need some solid advice over the festive period, give Contego a call on 0800 028 7111. Merry Christmas from all of the Contego family!

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