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Reducing Pest Risk, Protect Your Brand

PEST INFESTATION FOR ANY BUSINESS is one of the most worrying and potentially most catastrophic issues to affect a company or brand. Lockdown, in many instances, has amplified this risk. Recently rodent call-outs alone are up over 68%, primarily due to the decrease in urban waste and the increase in unattended premises, prompting all varieties of pests to search for food resources and residency elsewhere. 

What are the Signs of a Pest Infestation and what to look out for:

Contego, a leading provider of pest and bird control services, recommends looking for the following signs of a pest infestation in your premises before reopening for business. 

  • Live sightings 
  • Check within void areas, suspended ceilings, and externally
  • Droppings behind appliances and furniture
  • Gnawing on pipes, furniture, and walls
  • Smear marks across surfaces including floors, and pipes
  • Remove old waste
  • Clear any standing water
  • Block holes leading to cavities and outdoors 

How Can We Help?

“At Contego, we reduce pest risk; we do things differently. We audit and risk rate current pest activity and building conditions, creating a list of remedial actions to overcome pest risk.

Our national service delivery enables us to efficiently implement any measures required and quickly resolve your pest issues.”

Contego currently offers all businesses a free pest risk survey as part of our commitment to getting Britain back to work.

For further information, call 0800 028 711 or email

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