What A Load Of Rubbish

t’s a beautiful Summer’s morning in Orpington, Kent.
The skies are blue, the birds are singing, and as you open your windows to let in some fresh air THE SMELL hits you!
That’s been the situation for residents of Cornwall Drive for the past 4 years, since their local tip turned into a mountain of rubbish. At its peak the site was 40 feet high, and contained 20,000 tonnes of putrid waste. That’s 4 times the amount the site was licensed to handle.

The Environment Agency has been locked in a battle with the company running the site, and even now, a year after this Daily Mail story was published, the problem still continues.

The residents say they are trapped in their homes as the smell outside is unbearable, and they daren’t let their children play outside as there are rats everywhere. They are also trapped by falling house values, with losses of up to £100,000, so they can’t sell their homes and move.

This site is, of course, an extreme exception, which is why it is making national news.
Most recycling sites, landfills and transfer stations follow the rules and practise good site management, particularly with a view to any neighbours, and organise odour and rodent control.
Here at Contego we understand the waste industry, and the need for effective management of landfills and transfer stations.

At Contego TERRA we have the specialist operatives and knowledge to deal with any issues at your site.
We can provide a fully comprehensive package of services to meet your needs for even the biggest of battles.
Rather than just offering a fixed package, each of our packages is unique, and planned after a full consultation with you.
This ensures that all your specific requirements are met.

We provide:

* Bird Control
* Quad Bike Treatments
* Powered Knapsack Treatments
* Thermal Fogging
* Rodent Control
* Grounds Maintenance

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