How To Get Rid Of Flies

Flies are not just a nuisance when they get into your business premises they can pose a serious problem. They carry and spread nasty diseases like salmonella and E.coli which means they’re a health risk, and they can contaminate your products. This is bad news for any business, but especially for food businesses where there are strict requirements for hygiene and pest control.
Would you trust a takeaway restaurant if you went inside and there were flies buzzing around or fly carcasses littering the windowsills? You can’t risk your business or reputation, here’s how to get rid of flies.
Why you need to act fast to get rid of flies
You might think that one or two flies is not a problem, but it can easily become an infestation if you don’t deal with it. Some types of fly can mature in as little as 7 days from when they emerge from their eggs, and they breed fast.
How to get rid of flies from your business premises
Focus on prevention- this is almost always the key to preventing pest problems and reinfestation. Proof doors and windows, fit screens, and seal up any gaps or cracks where flies could get in.
Practice good housekeeping- keep surfaces clean, wipe up any spillages, keep perishable goods in airtight containers, and empty bins regularly.
Monitor your premises- inspecting your premises for flies is essential so that any problems can be dealt with quickly.
Call in professional pest control- a professional pest control company can identify the species of fly that’s causing the problem, carry out the most effective treatment, and make recommendations on how you can prevent further infestations.
What about DIY options, will they work?
For the odd fly here and there, sprays or traps can work. But in certain sectors like the food industry, the use of some chemicals for pest control is restricted or prohibited. Traps can be effective, but they can result in fly carcasses being left behind for all the world to see. By far, the best way to get rid of flies from your business premises is professional fly control.
How we can help
Professional pest control is the only way you can protect your business and get rid of flies for good. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will survey your premises, recommend a bespoke fly control solution that meets your needs, and give you expert advice on how to prevent any further infestations.
Don’t put your business, customers, or reputation at risk, call in the experts.
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