Contego Technicians were scrambled this week to rescue a pigeon that had flown in through an open vent and gotten stuck at the bottom of a vertical void.

Pigeons are not usually known for their logic. They bounce around and explore, pausing to peck at walls and scavenge for food. So, when a pigeon flew into this vertical void and became stuck there, Contego were called to come and free it. The bird was conscious and struggling to get free. So, eager to demonstrate their mettle, technicians began systematically working on the problem…

We located the pigeon and carefully cut a hole in the wall to allow us to retrieve the bird without injuring it.

After being checked over, the pigeon was released away from the area as it was not a threat to public safety and was uninjured.

The vent was covered and the hole repaired, leaving the premises safe and bird-free!

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