Urban Myth: My Home Is Clean So I Won’t Get Cockroaches

When you think of cockroaches, what springs to mind? Dirty kitchens? Filthy holiday apartments? Well we have news for you. Cockroaches can thrive in even the cleanest of homes. What they want is food, water, and shelter, and they aren’t too fussy about where they find it. 

Where Cockroaches Hide Out in Homes 

Cockroaches have evolved over many millions of years to survive pretty much anywhere. They’ll happily hide in drains, vents, cracks in walls and floors, and under appliances. Even if you pride yourself on your sparkling clean home, these are all places your cleaning regime might not always reach. 

Preventing Cockroaches in Your Home

So even if your home is clean, giving it a thorough and regular once over and declutter is your first line of defence against cockroaches. 

  • Got piles of papers and cardboard boxes in the loft? Get rid of them.
  • Make sure food stuffs are stored in airtight containers and pet food and leftovers aren’t left lying around. 
  • Clean behind and under appliances you don’t usually move. This can be a welcome hiding place for cockroaches. 
  • Empty your bins regularly.
  • Make sure you don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. 
  • Repair any gaps around doors, windows, pipes, and cables, and repair any leaks. Water sources will attract cockroaches. 

Watch Out, Are There Cockroaches About?

If there is a cockroach problem in your home, you may see a live insect. However, as they are nocturnal, it’s not usual to see them through the day. There are some signs you can look out for though, even if you don’t see an actual cockroach. 

You may see:

  • Droppings-these are brown/black and around 2mm long. 
  • Smear marks-you’ll see these on walls and skirting boards.
  • Shed skins-as they mature, cockroaches shed their skins 5-8 times.
  • Unpleasant odour- this is a sign of an established infestation.
  • Damage to food or packaging where cockroaches have been on the hunt for dinner.

Need Help with Cockroaches? Call in the Professionals 

Even if your house is clean as a whistle, it doesn’t make you immune from a cockroach problem. Cockroaches can be notoriously hard to get rid of. They are hardy pests, they move fast, and they breed quickly. That’s why we’d recommend getting professional help if there are cockroaches in your home. 

Our pest control technicians understand cockroach behaviour and they’ll carry out a thorough survey of your property. From there, they can determine the level of infestation then treat the problem with the best solution for your situation. 

Having a clean home won’t necessarily protect you against pests but we will. 

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