Will Falconry Bird Control Really Keep Birds Away From My Building?

At Contego, we have a lot of bird proofing and bird scaring methods at our disposal to help our clients. But we often find that the one that works best is falconry bird control. So how does it work and will it really keep birds away from your building? 

The Main Challenge with Bird Control 

The main challenge you’ll face when trying to control birds is that often, you’ll put a measure in place and birds just get used to them over time. Yes, loud noises and flashing lights will scare them at first, but after a while, they’ll realise they aren’t a threat. That’s not to say that other bird control methods don’t work, but it’s worth using them alongside something a but more robust. 

Why Falconry Bird Control is So Effective 

Falconry bird control is so effective at deterring pest birds because it uses their own instincts against them. Birds have an instinctual fear of predators, and if birds of prey are present in an area whey they want to nest or roost, it makes it far less attractive to them. 

At Contego, we have our own team of falcons and experienced handlers. If a client is having a problem with pest birds, we’ll fly our birds over the area regularly. Pretty soon, the pest birds will get the message that your building or site is out of bounds. 

Falconry bird control is a natural, humane, and long-term way to keep birds away from your premises. It’s a very effective standalone method, or it can be used in combination with other deterrents like bird spikes or bird gel. 

Could I Not Just Use Fake Birds of Prey? 

You’ve probably seen fake owls being used as bird deterrents. Owls are a bird of prey and using them as a decoy will stop pest birds from roosting or nesting. However, birds are intelligent. The decoy bird doesn’t move and it has no scent, so it won’t be long before they work out that it’s not a threat. Real birds of prey like the ones we use in falconry bird control are your best bet for a long term solution. 

Want to Keep Birds Away From Your Building?

Contego has one of the biggest teams of trained birds of prey at our disposal, and we’re known in the industry as one of the leading specialist bird control companies in the UK. 

We understand the relationship between predator and prey and how to use it to control birds on your premises. 

We’ve dealt with pest bird problems on sites ranging from international stadiums to hospitals, landfill sites, docks, schools, warehouses, libraries, and supermarkets.

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