Spider up your Life!

Why are Spiders Important?

Many people find spiders at best a nuisance and at worst, absolutely terrifying. However, whatever your thoughts on them, spiders actually do some good. Here’s why spiders are important.

Why Spiders Are Important

They eat other insects in your home

Yes, spiders can infest your home, but having the odd spider in your house isn’t a bad thing. They eat pests like flies and ants which can help control their numbers. Since insects like flies carry and spread diseases, spiders are definitely doing an important job.

Spiders keep crops healthy

Spiders feed on pest like aphids which eat crops. By feeding on the crop-destroying pests, spiders keep crops healthy for us and for animals.

They are good for your garden

In a similar way, spiders are a natural way of controlling pests in your garden. Spiders eat the aphids, mites, weevils, and other pests that will munch on your plants.

Spiders are food for other animals

Spiders are well-known hunters, as you’ll know if you’ve seen the trail of fly carcasses in a web. However, spiders aren’t just predators, they are prey as well. Some birds and fish eat spiders, and some spiders are prone to eating each other. Such is the circle of life.

Also, it might sound like a Bushtucker trial to us, but some humans eat spiders too. In places like Cambodia, some species are a delicacy. Think we’ll pass.

They play an important role in the ecosystem

Spiders exist just about everywhere. If you’re scared of them, that idea might give you the creeps. But the important role they play in keeping insect numbers in check and eating pests that destroy crops can’t be ignored. Without spiders, there’d be big problems within our ecosystem, just like there are with the dwindling bee population.

I Have Spiders in My Home-What Can I Do?

Okay, spiders are important, we hear you say. But you don’t want tonnes of them in your home. They aren’t really a threat to humans, but having them in your home in numbers isn’t pleasant. And let’s not forget, Autumn is spider season!

If you do have spiders in your home, forget trying to repel them with conkers and essential oils. There’s little to no evidence that they’re effective, and in the meantime, the spiders could be adding to their numbers and making the problem worse.

If you want a spider-free home, your best bet is to call in professional pest control. Contego’s highly trained technicians will survey your property and carry out a treatment that actually works. Not just one that Google says ‘might’ work. They’ll also give you expert advice on how to avoid a re-infestation.

Need help with spiders in your home now?

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