5 Cheesy facts about mice you may not know

We get lots of callouts to homes and businesses for problems caused by mice. But whether you think they’re cute or you see them as annoying pests, how much do you know about them? Here are 5 cheesy facts about mice you may not know.

1. They may be tiny, but they’ve got big appetites

Despite only weighing 19g on average, mice have big appetites. They eat between 15 and 20 times per day. Because they eat so frequently, you’ll usually find their nests not too far from a food source.

2. Mice make great acrobats

Mice are good jumpers, climbers, and swimmers. They can jump as high as one foot in the air which allows them to climb up onto your kitchen worktops in their search for food. That’s why we always recommend never leaving leftovers out, clearing up crumbs, and storing food in sealed containers.

3. They can get through the tiniest of gaps

Mice have flexible skeletons which allows them to squeeze through gaps or cracks as small as 6mm. That’s why we tell customers to thoroughly inspect the outside of their property for gaps around pipes or cracks in walls. Make sure you seal any potential access points with caulk or steel wool.

4. Mice spread a LOT of diseases

You probably already know that rats spread diseases, but did you know that mice do too? They might look cute and unassuming, but they can carry as many as 200 pathogens!

5. They are constantly producing droppings

As you might expect from an animal that eats 15-20 times per day, mice produce a lot of droppings. What’s a lot, you might ask? As many as 40 to 100 per day! Their droppings and urine contaminate their surroundings, foodstuffs, and water tanks. Not nice to think about.

The Problems Mice Cause

It’s good to know the facts about mice because despite their cuteness, they can cause problems for homeowners and business owners.

As we mentioned earlier, they carry diseases, largely in their food and droppings. These diseases include pathogens like salmonella and listeria which can make people very sick. Imagine what might happen if a mouse has been crawling across your kitchen worktop or has had access to your restaurant food storage area?

As well as carrying diseases, mice can cause considerable damage. They gnaw on electric cables, food packaging, boxes, and wood. That could mean a risk of electrical fires, damaged stock or possessions, and damage to buildings or furniture that’s expensive to put right.

Got a Problem with Mice? Call Contego

If mice are present in your home or business, call Contego. We understand mice behaviour and we know where and when to deploy products to stop an infestation in its tracks.

Our expert technicians will find out how the mice got in, how serious the infestation is, and where they might be nesting. After an initial survey, they’ll come up with a plan to get rid of mice and keep them out.

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