New Year, New Pests

Nobody wants to start the new year with a pest invasion. Here’s our list of new year pest control resolutions for a pest-free 2023.

Declutter Your Home And Garden

Pests love clutter like cardboard boxes and piles of papers because it gives them somewhere to hide. Make 2023 the year you finally clear out the loft or garage. The same goes for your garden. Overgrown shrubs and tree branches can help pests gain access to your home while piles of firewood give them a place to hide or nest. Give your garden a good tidy up to keep it pest-free and ready for the return of warmer days.

Keep Your Living Spaces Clean

This comes pretty close to the top of our list of new year pest control resolutions and for good reason. Your kitchen is like heaven for hungry pests like mice and ants, especially if there are crumbs on the floor and uncovered food is left lying around. Keep worktops clean and clear up any crumbs and spillages immediately. Never leave food out uncovered.

As well as your kitchen, keep your main living areas like your bedroom and living room clean and tidy. Hoover, dust, and get into all those nooks and crannies where pests could be hiding out.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

This stops pests from getting into it. The same goes for pet food. Don’t leave it out overnight, it could prove too much of a temptation for pests like mice.

Empty Your Bin Regularly

Pests like rodents and flies love a full bin. Especially if there are things in there that are starting to rot and smell. Empty your bin every other day if possible and every so often, give the inside and outside of your bin a clean to remove any sticky residue.

Inspect Your Home for Entry Points and Seal Them Up

If you always start the new year with a list of DIY jobs to do around the house, put this on your list. It’s also on our list of new year pest control resolutions. Check the exterior and interior of your home for any gaps or cracks in walls, around window frames and doors, or around pipes. Seal them up with caulk and/or wire mesh. Check low then high. Remember, some pests like rats are excellent climbers and they can gain access to your home through gaps in the roof.

Eliminate Standing Water

Pests like mosquitoes love standing water. Rats and spiders are always on the lookout for moisture too. Clean bird baths or water features often and inside of your home, check for leaks and have them fixed.

Call in Professional Pest Control

Of course, we would say this. But if you want a pest-free home in 2023, calling in the professionals is your best course of action. Whatever your pest issue, Contego’s expert technicians can assess, identify, and treat the problem fast so your home is your own again.

Need help with pest control for a pest-free home in 2023?

Call Contego.

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