What Happens If I Don’t Get Rid of Birds on My Property?

Do you own or manage a building? A bird infestation should be high on your list of things that you hope will never happen. So what happens if you don’t get rid of birds on your property? Read on to find out.

What Causes a Bird Infestation?

Birds like gulls and pigeons love urban areas. There’s endless food to scavenge and plenty of tall buildings to nest on. Not to mention roof spaces to get in to. You need to be vigilant about this in any building, especially if there are any loose or damaged roof tiles birds can get through and set up home.

Do I Have a Bird Infestation?

Maybe you initially only notice a few birds. Then a few days later, there seems to be more. If you don’t get rid of birds on your property, you could end up with an infestation on your hands. But how do you know you’re actually dealing with an infestation? You’ll notice tell-tale signs like:

· Excessive amounts of droppings;

· A lot of noise, especially when birds are breeding or nesting;

· Seeing more birds than you usually would on the ledges and roof of your building;

· Experiencing problems with blocked gutters, damp, and flooding as a result of a build-up of nest debris and feathers;

· Damaged masonry or machinery due to corrosion from acidic droppings.

This Sounds Bad-So What If I Don’t Get Rid of Birds on My Property?

Bird infestations can cause serious problems for building owners and managers like:

Property damage

Bird droppings are highly acidic. Over time, they can corrode buildings, vehicles, and machinery, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. Speaking of expensive repair bills, a bird infestation can damage your roof and block your guttering, causing flooding, damp, and water damage.

Health, Safety, and Hygiene Risk

You’re probably aware that birds like pigeons carry diseases. Experts estimate that some birds carry as many as 60 different pathogens that can make us sick. Some of these pathogens are airborne, so imagine if they were to get into the vents of a hospital or care home. It also goes without saying that if you have any kind of food business, you can afford to ignore birds on your property. Any contamination of food or ingredients can land you in a lot of legal trouble and damage your reputation.

Then there’s the other risks that occur if you don’t get rid of birds on your property. Walkways left slippery because of droppings. Staff, customers, and visitors being on the receiving end of bird aggression. Birds like seagulls can become very protective of their young during breeding season and can become extremely aggressive.

How Can I Get Rid of Birds on My Property?

The first thing to know about getting rid of birds is that you can’t just randomly shoot or harm them, or destroy their nests. All birds in the UK are protected by law. If you want to control birds, you need to have an appropriate license. Even licensed professional pest controllers can only control birds in certain circumstances. However, there are some steps you can take yourself:

· Pick up litter around the building and make sure they don’t have access to rubbish. A food source is hugely attractive to birds;

· Seal up any gaps and repair visible damage to your roof to stop birds from getting into your building.

· Call in professional bird control.

How Can Professional Bird Control Help?

At Contego, we provide our customers with expert bird control in any situation. Our expert technicians will survey your site and recommend the best solution or combination of solutions for your situation. We have several highly effective bird control solutions at our disposal including:

Bird Netting- a physical deterrent and a cost effective and almost invisible way of bird-proofing your building.

Bird Wire- another cost-effective and discreet physical deterrent which can be fitted to most surfaces.

Fire Gel- a clever gel that combines visual and olfactory deterrents to stop birds from landing on your building.

Falconry Bird Control- a highly effective bird control method which uses birds’ natural fear of predators against them.

Having Problems with Birds on Your Property?

From supermarkets to stadia, we’ve controlled birds in just about every situation. If you have a problem with pest birds, no matter how big or small, we can help. Whether you need bird proofing or birds of prey, choose Contego to protect your building.

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