Flying Nuisances: Dealing With Pest Birds in Your Home or Business

Pest control isn’t all about rodents and insects. At Contego, we get called out for all kinds of problems caused by pest birds. From pigeons under solar panels to gulls nesting on listed buildings, we’ve dealt with it all. If you’re dealing with pest birds in your home or business, here’s what you need to do.

The Problems Pest Birds Cause

Pest birds cause numerous problems in homes and businesses.

They carry diseases

Pest birds carry diseases which are harmful to humans. Did you know that feral pigeons carry up to 60 pathogens including E.coli and Cryptococcosis, a fungal infection that affects the lungs? Breathe in the dust from their droppings or consume anything they’ve contaminated and you could get very sick.

Bird droppings and nesting material cause contamination

Own or manage a food business? You’ll know how stringent the regulations around food safety are. If bird droppings or nesting materials get into food products, they’ll be unfit for human consumption. Then your business could be in for a legal and PR nightmare.

They damage property

Bird droppings are high in uric acid, and over time, this corrodes buildings, vehicles, and machinery. Nesting materials and other debris can block gutters which can cause damp and flooding.

Their droppings can pose a falls risk

Droppings are also slippery so if a customer walkway or path outside your home is covered in them, it could cause slips and falls.

A pest bird infestation can ruin the look of your home or business

This is an important reason for dealing with pest birds in your home or business. Paths and buildings covered in droppings and feathers. Not to mention the noise pest birds can make. It’s not exactly a great look for your home or business. Cleaning up the mess can be expensive too.

The presence of pest birds attracts other pests

What do fleas, bird mites, and flies have in common? They all love to hang out in birds’ nests and on the birds themselves. A bird infestation on your property could leave you with more than one pest problem to deal with.

Dealing with Pest Birds In Your Home or Business-What are your Options?

If you want to get rid of pest birds from your home or business, we recommend two main courses of action:

1. Keep your home or business premises clean and tidy- this means keeping bins secure and not leaving waste lying around, either next to the bins or on the ground. Waste, especially food waste, attracts pest birds like pigeons and gulls.

2. Make your home or business less attractive to pest birds- this is where bird proofing methods come in. If birds are causing a nuisance around your home or business premises, call Contego. We have a number of bird proofing and bird control methods at our disposal to get rid of pest birds for good including:

Bird wire

This creates an unstable landing surface which will deter pest birds. You can install it on ledges, parapets, signs, and beams to stop birds from landing on them.

Bird netting

Bird netting creates a physical barrier to stop birds landing on your building. It’s discreet and effective, and you can get difference sized netting depending on the species you’re trying to deter.

Bird scarers

Bird scarers like Bird Alert use audio and visual deterrents to scare away birds from an area. Bird scarers are easy to use and can be effective when used alongside another bird proofing or bird control method.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes make surfaces uncomfortable to land on and are suitable for use on homes and businesses. They can be installed on balconies, rooftops, windows, or garage doors. Bird spikes may not work for smaller birds however so you might need to consider another option.

Bird gel

Bird gel has ingredients that react with UV light. As a result, the gel looks like fire to birds and it will deter birds from landing or roosting on your property. It works well on roofs and edges of buildings is effective for at least a couple of years.

Falconry bird control

This involves the use of specially-trained birds of prey to deter pest birds from an area. Like other animals, birds have an in-built fear of predators. If they see a falcon or hawk flying around, they definitely won’t want to stay in an area.

Dealing the Pest Birds in your Home or Business? You Don’t Have to do it Alone

Pest birds are a health and safety risk, not to mention they can cause damage to property that’s expensive to fix. Reclaim your home or business premises from pest birds by calling in the professionals.

From supermarkets to stadia, we’ve controlled birds in just about every situation. If you have a problem with pest birds in your home or business, we can help. Whether you need bird proofing or birds of prey, choose Contego to protect your property.

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