Contego (Latin): to Protect; to Shield; to Defend

Landfill Insect Control Case Study

Landfill fly spraying

Landfill Insect Control


Specialist Insect Control - Waste Site


Yorkshire and across the UK


Insect monitoring across the site gives the clients the evidence they require for the EA and SEPA


Contego trained technicians monitor and provide expert guidance for the sites, training staff members in best practice as well as providing thermal fogging and powered knapsack treatments on site.

Contego Service & Product


Here at Contego we believe in complete transparency. Letting you, the customer, know completely what pest activity you have, the cause and our recommended response.

First-time fix is our core aim. We understand you don’t want to see us as, just as you don’t want to see pests. That’s why we respond to problems with the intent of solving them there and then.

We are experts at what we do! One of the leading innovators in the pest control sector and through our risk focused response, we handle pest problems the fastest and safest.



Our technicians are trained to the highest service and safety standards, so you can always expect the job to be done well, and to be done safely. We will always advise you on the best course of action for your site, and we can deal with any type of pest & bird control issue.
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