Fly Monitoring and Control

Fly Monitoring and Control

Fly Monitoring and Control

Contego provide specialist fly control, spraying, fogging and monitoring for waste sites across the UK.

Monitoring flying insect activity primarly house fly numbers, the direction of travel and the number of flies on site give you early warning of rising numbers allowing you to react quickly. What we find when conducting fly control is that the EA/ SEPA gain confidence in the site management and pest management plan. It also gives local residents and businesses confidence that issues aren’t left to become a nuisance before an issue is controlled.

Fly monitoring is recommended at landfill sites, waste transfer stations and composting facilities giving sites the evidence you require for the EA and SEPA.

Contego trained technicians monitor and provide expert guidance for the sites, training staff members in best practice as well as providing thermal fogging and powered knapsack treatments on site.

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