ISOQAR Accreditation: What it Means for Us and Our Customers 

At Contego, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first, looking after our team, and minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Our new ISO accreditation across three important standards speak for themselves. 

The team has worked super hard to meet the standards for Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (IS 45001), and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). Here’s what it means for us and our customers. 

What Does Accreditation Mean for Us and Our Customers?

ISO 9001 A Commitment to Quality 

An ISO 9001 Quality Management System is recognised around the world and is the gold standard for quality. Holding this accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality and providing services that meet, and often exceed, customer expectations. That is always our aim; to continually improve and be a trusted partner who meets our customers’ ever-changing needs. 

To meet this standard, we had to show that the way we do things results in the provision of services that truly meet our customers’ needs. We had to demonstrate that every single Contego team member, from the technicians to the management, adheres to the same values and standards. 

ISO 45001 Looking After Our People 

Looking after our team is an important value at Contego.  That’s why achieving ISO 45001 Health and Safety Certification is a big deal. We’ve deliberately created a safe and supportive place to work, and our clients get to see first-hand that we take health and safety seriously. From how we protect the members of our team to the way we carry out work processes and mitigate risk for clients, health and safety is at the centre of what we do.  

ISO 14001Reducing Our Environmental Impact 

Last, but definitely not least; our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. We know that Customers are becoming ever more eco savvy and they want to work with companies who are actively working to reduce their environmental impact. We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment at every level of the business. Not only does this attract great clients whose values match ours, it also allows us to reduce our costs and get our team on board with some of our environmental initiatives. 

Doing Pest Control Differently 

We know that accreditation will bring us and our customers so many benefits. It shows customers that we are a service provider they can trust. They’ll know that we are committed to delivering a quality service that puts their needs front and centre. 

It shows our team that we care about their safety and wellbeing. We want Contego to be a great place to work. A happy team will go the extra mile and exceed customer expectations. 

Accreditation also demonstrates to customers that we take our environmental impact seriously. This is becoming ever more important in the business and wider world. 

From day one, we wanted to be the company that does pest control differently. Our commitment to quality through accreditation is a big part of the plan. 

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